Venting Exhaust Fans through the Roof

Venting Exhaust Fans

Some places in the house are such that fixing a vent for the exhaust air is extremely necessary. There are a lot of ways of making the vents through the roof. The best thing is a plan for the exhaust vents before or during the construction of the house. However, if you do not have such a plan or need at that time an afterward you feel that there is a need for creating the vent for letting the exhaust air out, there are even some ways for that as well. The best way to create the vents for exhaust in these situations is by making use of the rigid and smooth ducts. These ducts are then joined together by means of the taped joints and their strength and durability are also ensured because they will have to serve in the long run.

However, if you have such a construction in which there are attic crawl spaces then in these cases it is almost impossible to create the vents for exhaust fans through the roof Then you will have to think for some other kind of situation. The reason for impossibility in the case of attic roofs is that you will have to properly insulate the roof and that is not possible if the roof has an attic and you want to create the hole out of it for the purpose of making the exhaust vent. If you have to do this inevitably, then you will have to think about the solutions for preventing the problems of condensation from happening.

Usually, the experts do not favor creating the vent through an attic because that is not a feasible way of making vents and giving way to exhaust fans. Secondly when in the winter season the exhaust fan will operate it will blow warm air outside to the cold exterior, thereby causing the condensation on the roof and dripping of water droplets inside as well. Therefore you will have to take the services of specific Roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan for accomplishing the task.

Installation of the vent hood on the roof:

The installation task will be from the drilling of the hole in the attic. Preferably this hole is drilled through the roof on the location which is desired for the creation of vent. It is better to keep the location of this hole close to the location of the fan inside the ceiling. This will cause the diverting of air to outside vent easily and less energy will be spent on this as well. In order to mark the location of the hole, you can leave the drill bit over there so that it may be easy for you to find the hole through the roof as well.

Now you will have to work from the top on the roof. The nest step in this installation of the vents procedure is to make a hole of 4 inches diameter. Preferably this hole is created by means of the jigsaw or a reciprocating saw. After creating the round hole on the mark where the vent is desired to be put, you should measure the square-shaped structure which will be slightly larger in diameter as compared to the hole where it was created for passing the vent in the roof. To give the vent away all the way to the top you will have to remove the shingles on the roof with the help of the knife or hook blade. In this way, the room can be created for the vent and you can now easily slide the vent in through the roof.

Although this whole procedure is not difficult it is a little bit tricky as you have to save the roof and attic as well from any issue like condensation or leakage.