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VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review – Best Desktop Vaporizer With Decent Features

Vaporizers have gained a lot of popularity over recent years and that’s the reason you can find a variety of vaping options in the market these days. Here we will talk about the Vapexhale Cloud EVO – one of the most favored desktop vaporizers in the market.

From its design and build to packaging and battery life – this review covers all the main aspects of the Vapexhale Cloud EVO vaporizer in detail. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.


A smooth, in vogue, and current looking vaporizer, the Vapexhale Cloud EVO is around eight inches high with a slightly conical shape to it with a three-inch square base. The front of the device has a power switch and temperature dial, both unlabelled while the back of the unit has a standard PC power socket cable. From the inside, you can see a glass tube wrapped in a ceramic heating element, and on top, there’s a glass connector. Everything in the vaporizer fits together superbly, doing justice to the design. It is a delightful vaping device, and numerous users will end up looking at it while vaping to appreciate the excellence and simplicity of its design. Find some amazing designs at flawless Vape

Build Quality

The Vapexhale Cloud EVO vaporizer is made completely out of glass. Within the air pathway is glass, the connector is also made up of glass, and so is the body. The body of Cloud EVO is made out of Zytel, a glass tar filled polycarbonate. A few things not made of glass are the EX stack bowls and the ceramic heating component. Along these lines, one need might not be too unpleasant when dealing with the gadget. However, regardless of its apparently delicate structure, the whole unit is pretty well designed. The top-notch development of this popular vaporizer ensures that the unit will offer its users a long working life when kept with appropriate care.

What’s in the Box

For each unit of the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, you get one glass mouthpiece, two EZ stack bowls, two VapeX Nails, one power rope, and a user manual for instructions.

Ease of Use

Keeping in harmony with its basic plan, the Cloud EVO is anything but difficult to use. To fill it, you need to take one EZ stack bowl and remove the top. Fill it with ground material off to around 80% of the space to let the air circle inside it. Users prescribe filling it half for a more proficient vaporization experience.

To turn on the Vapexhale Cloud EVO, flip the power switch below the temperature button. Now turn the handle to around the 12:00 position. The time is taken in heating take around three minutes, and you will know it is prepared once the LED light turns green. Yes, the time consumed in heating is more, but the quality it offers is worth it.

When ready, you just need to put the bowl inside the chamber, join the tube to the connector, and begin vaping. Too simple yet successful. You will begin vaping like with the vape starter units.

Vapor Production and Performance

Many users of Vapexhale Cloud EVO says the quality of vapor produced is on-par with other solid competitors. This says much with regards to the general execution of the device. Vapes produced from the unit are thick, smooth, unadulterated, and tasty.

Battery Life

The Vapexhale Cloud EVO vaporizer does not keep running on batteries. You get a power cable with the box and the device is intended to be used at home. Particularly with all the glass parts, utilizing it all over the place is the big no-no. Users won’t need to stress over battery life or have control issues with the device as they get continuous vape sessions constantly. The only thing is you can’t enjoy the portability feature.

So this was the detailed review of Vapexhale Cloud EVO vaporizer. You can buy it at the best possible price from the reputed online store of To The Cloud Vapor Store.