Use Surface Laptop Promo Code and Become a Proud Owner of Surface Laptop

Surface Laptop is now available for students, faculties and staff members of colleges or universities at real good prices. In order to avail discount, all that they need to do is to first establish that they belong to a college or university and then use the Surface Laptop Promo Code to purchase the Surface Laptop. The Surface Laptop has some very unique and interesting features like improved security and performance. Surface laptop comes in four tone-on-tone color combinations. It is very sleek and has an elegant design. The keyboard is covered with luxurious Alcantara material. It not only ultra-thin but is also very light. It fits into your bag with utmost ease and you can carry it wherever you want without being burdened over the weight. Another interesting feature about the surface laptop is that you can just charge the laptop once completely and use it for about 15 hours at a stretch without plugging it. The battery performance is just amazing. With 15 hours of battery life, you can use the laptop all through the day. No laptop is complete without having a proper sound system. And surface laptop does not disappoint you here either. Surface laptop comes with discreetly hidden Omni-sonic speakers along with Dolby Audio Premium sound system. The sound clarity is just amazing and you will hear 360 degrees sound with surround sound system.

Breaking the Traditions

Surface laptop goes beyond the traditional laptop by being backed by the best of Microsoft, which includes Windows and Office. Surface laptop keeps you running very fast and secure at any given point of time if you use exclusive apps that are verified by Microsoft. These apps are available in the Windows Store. So you can now enjoy the Windows you know and also take complete advantage of the convenience of the cloud.

Design and Colors

Surface laptop not only comes with four rich tone-on-tone color combinations but also comes with a very good design. The laptop is beautifully crafted and complements your personal style. The laptop has a great blend of texture, subtle details, and clean lines. The Alcantara covered keyboard provides the feel of a luxurious touch. The keyboard is very soft and also durable. It can be easily wiped and cleaned. You will really enjoy the comfortable typing experience. The four rich tone-on-tone color combinations include Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold. These colours ensure that the laptop looks clean, rich, stylish and elegant. Surface laptop is a perfect balance of portability and performance. The weight of the surface laptop is just 2.76 pounds. It comes with a very powerful Intel Core processor that handles any kind of desktop programs even if they are highly demanding.

Faster Screen Response

Surface laptop also has an amazing screen that responds very quickly to your touch. Unlike other laptops, you can now experience faster, easier and more natural navigation. The screen has a very razor like sharp resolution. All that photos that you take and the videos that you make can be viewed best in the screen of surface laptop because of its high resolution. So use the Microsoft Surface Laptop promo code and get a surface laptop today.