5 Types of Specialty Roofs Used in Michigan

Roofing can be done in so many styles and ways. If you’re looking for the kind of roofing that’s common but also a tad bit more exclusive, you might want to look into these 5 specialty roofs. You can have roof inspection by any trustworthy contractor to inspect and install these roofs for you. But you want to first read along to get a better idea of what it means to have any of these roofs for your Michigan home.

Roofing can affect the resale value of your home so you should always first see if your choice of installation will help you when you decide to sell your home in the future. The following roofing systems are only likely to add to your house value, but you should always choose colors and patterns that are more widely accepted.

Specialty Roofs

Asphalt Shingle Roofing:

Asphalt is at times considered to be a basic roof type but there’s a wide variety of colors and patterns that can make your roof stand out. There could be easily about a hundred Asphalt patterns you could choose from.

Roll Roofing for Residential Homes:

Roll roofing is ideal for flatter roofs, and they generally work with rubber or asphalt materials. It needs to be carefully installed and they only go with certain types of homes. For instance, for steeper roofs, it is advisable to use asphalt roll roofing. While you can use rubber roll roofing for a flatter roof, which is in most cases done for any commercial buildings.

Slate Specialty Roofing for Residential Homes:

If you’re looking for sturdy and the most robust roofing available out there, then slate roofing is the one for you. Since a long time in history, slate roofing has been used as a tough shelter for homes. This is because of the protective nature of the material. Slate roofing is relatively more expensive and is usually used for commercial buildings that have a lot of financial value.

Perhaps because of the fact that slate roofing lasts for generations, approximately at least sixty to eighty years easily. Slate is also a very graceful appearance for the house. Contact your contractor and inquire about slate roofing if you’re interested in something fancy.

Tile Roofing for Residential Homes:

Tile roofing is like another version of slate, except it’s made of ceramics. Tiles can also give your home a really fancy look. It’s molded and dyed so it’s relatively super flat and even.

Metal Roofing on Your Home:

Metal also becomes a common type of roofing for residential areas today. This could be a result of cheaper prices of metal. So it’s a good value roof you can invest in right away, for a lower cost. Compared to asphalt, metal is relatively expensive but it still yields a different look and is a favorite for many. You can choose from about 15 colors for this type of roof.