As much as you want to go on a ride with your bike every single day, the outside weather condition might hinder your exercise unpredictably. But the weather must not derail your fitness goals, as the old saying goes, “if there’s a will, there’s away.” So how can you make use of your regular bicycle at home when there is not enough space to ride on so you can travel for miles for you to burn more calories?


But before turning your regular bike into stationary bicycles, choose whether you’d like to turn it into bicycle rollers or bike trainers. A trainer bike clamps the back wheel of the bicycle, while the front wheel remains as is as and is the only wheel that is able to move while the roller bike stand elevates the bike which allows both wheels to move. However, here are tips on how you can turn your regular bicycle into either bike trainers or roller bike.

Bike trainers

First, find a level spot in your home, none –carpeted if possible. Make sure the area is spacious enough and the ambiance is conducive for a workout.

Second, situate your bicycle according to your convenience.

Third, place the back portion of your bike on the stand. Firmly clamp the wheel and make sure it does not wiggle.

Situate the back end of the bicycle on the stand first. You should clamp the back wheel in as firmly as possible. There will be some wiggle room until the front wheel is on a stand.

Fourth, put the front wheel on the stand. This time ensures that the back wheel is solidly in place and evenly mounted, but not so tight to cause rubbing the bearings of your bike.

Fifth, try your set up. Your exercise bike for tall people might wobble from time to time but make sure to give enough space for your bike to move from side to side. Make sure it is strong enough to support yours throughout your ride.

For a beginner having a bike trainer for first time purchase is safer and more user-friendly. 

Bicycle Rollers

First, look for a place in your house near an empty wall so that you can hold on to the wall if you need to balance yourself. Bicycle rollers need an area with a dimension of eight feet wide and a foot longer than your bicycle. Choose an area spacious enough for you to move with ease. If your porch area is suitable for a stationary bike to be placed in it, that would be perfect. Make sure that the spot is level.

Second, to protect yourself from unprecedented injury due to falling, make sure that you provide enough space for bicycle rollers, about a foot longer than the bicycle is enough to not let you fall on anything. Padding, cushion, rug, or carpet can also protect you from a stronger impact of falling from the bike.

Third, the distance between the two axles on your bicycle will be your wheelbase. Place your bicycle next to the wall so you can position the rollers next.

Fourth, Position your rollers in relation to your wheelbase, into the correct location on the rollers front, center, and back. The front roller must be under the front tire’s axle. Under the back, axles are your center and back rollers and about two to three inches to the front and back of it.

Fifth, mount the bicycle on your rollers. To balance yourself, place your hand on the wall as you start your ride at moderate speed. It will take time to balance yourself riding a bicycle while on a roller, so expect for falling and failing.

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