As Android lovers, many people would choose some popular modes of Android phone of the year. If you have been using Android phones for a long time, how do you transfer data between two phones when you switch from an old phone to a new phone? If you have both Samsung phone and Google Nexus phone, how do you share data between them? Take text message as an example, of course, it is possible to transfer SMS between two phones, but how to achieve that easily and quickly? Now, you need a tool, MobiKin Transfer for Mobile.

How to Transfer Samsung SMS to Google Nexus?

Step 1

Install and launch the MobiKin Transfer for Mobile program on your computer and then connect the both phones via USB cables to the computer (both Samsung phone and Nexus Phone).

Transfer Samsung SMS to Google Nexus?

Step 2

Once the cables are connected, the user will have the capability to view the interface that displays the different options for the user. The option that should be chosen is the “phone to phone transfer” option.

Transfer Samsung SMS to Google Nexus?

Step 3

To initiate the SMS transfer process from the Samsung phone to the Nexus Phone, all the user has to do is select the “SMS” category and begin the transfer by clicking on the left or right transferring icon.