In modern time the technology has been a part of the life of almost every individual. There are endless avenues where different technologies are used and hence it is much important for the market players to find and hire the intelligent brains who has perfect command on various aspects of technology. The VLSI is a field where the future of the expert as a part of the field is very bright. Technology rises every day in India, and the latest techniques are also getting regularly evolved with the rise of semiconductor industries with the change in environmental requirements and techniques are also increasing.

VLSI design verification is quite different from the VLSI designing as in this the engineer has to verify VLSI designing and its functionality properly. The candidates who want to become VLSI design verification engineer have to participate in different training programme where they will learn all basic and necessary details related to VLSI. The future of the field is very excellent, and hence it is much necessary for the aspirants to get the required experience as well as certification in the field.

The scope:

The designing of VLSI systems is based on the use of hardware description languages or HDLs, and there are total three types in HDLs which are Verilog, VHDL and System Verilog. During VLSI design verification engineer training programme the candidates learn about all these three languages and there use in the system. The two languages Verilog and VHDL are known as the digital design language of general purpose while the System Verilog is considered as the higher version of Verilog language.

The skills:

If you are not aware about these languages properly and thought that they are software programming languages, then you are wrong. It is so as they are the one which explains the time of propagation and strength of signals. It can be said that by the help of these languages engineers can examine the behavior of electronic products or circuits and the third System Verilog is the combination of hardware verification language and hardware description language which has the capability of taking an approach to the object-oriented programme.

There are centers for experienced and skilled design verification test engineer in Bangalore which are aware of all fundamental aspects required for the VLSI design verification. These trained engineers are also aware of all three hardware description languages which are very important for VLSI design verification. The System Verilog also explains the system of coding, or it also teaches the coding for system Verilog language which is a very important and popular hardware description language being used in SoC designing and verification for the industries of semiconductors. There are various Job opportunities for which a VLSI design verification Engineer can apply:

* System Level Verification engineer

* Functional Verification Application Engineer

* ASIC Verification Engineer

* System Level Verification Engineer

* VLSI Verification Engineer

* Design Verification Engineer

The candidates who are trained, skilled and experienced can apply for the above posts in IT Hardware and semiconductor industries.