Top Tips for Choosing and Using an Air purifier

You can conveniently improve the quality of your home by using an air purifier. The air consists of all the dust, pollen, chemical gases and harmful particles which are something more than just we see with our naked eye. Human eyes cannot see particle which are under 25microns, but these highly modern purifiers can remove even decidedly smaller dust particles effectively.


Four Tips while choosing an Air Purifier:-

  1. Allergy and Asthma Air Purifiers:

Those people who suffer from allergy and various respiratory issues use these asthma air purifiers. They are instrumental in capturing pollen and other dust particles from the air. They have the feature of active charcoal filtration.

  1. HEPA Air Purifiers:

These are the High-Efficiency Particulate air filters which remove 99% of the dust particles which are more significant than 0.3 microns. They are necessary for trapping particles in the air.

  1. Smoke and Odor Air Purifiers:

It includes powerful charcoal which helps in removing the most robust smoke from indoor. Many people might face living with a smoker without the choice but living with smoke cannot be the choice. It eliminates the smoke and other bearing particles.

  1. Chemical Air Purifiers:

These are specially designed air purifiers which require a vigilant strategy to reduce all health risks and improve the home comfort. Older adults having weak immune systems are especially defenseless to airborne toxins.

Tips for Using an Air Purifier:-

Choosing the right unit of an air purifier for your home is really necessary and could help you with that. To get the most of your air purifier, here are some tips to use it effectively:

  1. Choose the Best Location:

All air purifier’s needs breathing space. So it is necessary that where ever your air purifier is placed it has some area around it, for this purpose you need to be sure using the right size for your room.

  1. Point the Flow in the Right Direction:

Keep the air purifier in the right direction where you might be benefited the most when keeping it in a large room. For smaller places, you can keep it anywhere as all of the air will circulate equally.

  1. Don’t Turn it Off:

Air purifiers should be continuously on, and must not off in case of a smoker present inside the house if other people are suffering from allergies and asthma issues.  These air purifiers are energy-efficient.

  1. Keep Windows and Doors Closed:

Like an air conditioner will give cooling to a particular space same is with an air purifier it won’t clean the entire outdoor so it is necessary to keep all windows and door closed to prevent any leakage of outside air.

  1. Change Filters Regularly:

Air purifiers should be cleaned after every ten days so that the performance of the air purifier is maintained and fresh air is circulated inside a home. Make sure your air purifier is not dusty that it is facing difficulty to give out fresh air and not contaminated with massive dust particles so that you can experience healthy breathing.

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