Top Reasons to Use Billboards for Advertising

With a vast variety of digital advertising platforms available some organizations still consider using the offline advertising methods for their business. One such way is using banner signs like billboards for advertising of products and services. You might question the effectiveness of billboards in the era of digital marketing.

However, the business signs Brisbane such as billboards are quite effective in attracting the attention of both offline and online audience. Here in this post let us check why businesses still consider billboards for advertising and why they are still useful for your business.

High Exposure

Billboards for Advertising

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Many people spend an average time of 15 to 30 minutes in their cars while commuting between their home and workplace. Every day they come across such billboards that are usually installed in a way that they are in the face of the commuters.

Unlike the social media ads like Facebook where there is a lot of noise in a member’s feed, people cannot ignore billboards due to their large size, and they view the advertisement shown on it. If created with the right text, images and design, people are psychologically bounded to see your ad.

Cost Effective

Billboards are a cost-effective method of offline advertising. They may seem expensive at the time of installation, but they cost less than a penny per thousand people that views your advertisement. It is cheaper than any other form of advertisement in the long term.

Customised designs

It is possible to get any design created for your billboard advertisement. You can choose from a variety of mockups and templates and add your text and images to them to create your ad. You can also provide the sign makers with your design to develop your billboard, and they will make it accordingly.

Continuous exposure

Billboards offer continuous exposure to your brand and business. Once installed it continues to advertise your brand, product or service until you choose to replace or remove the sign. Billboards advertise a business even when its store or office is closed. You don’t need to show the advertisement, again and again, like in case of digital marketing.

Brand Awareness

Billboards for Advertising

Billboards have a great influence on the minds of viewers. They may not have a significant effect when people see your advertisement for the first time. But viewing a billboard daily over a period of weeks allows the advertisement and your message stick in the viewers mind. When people remember your business, they are more likely to visit your store and buy your product or service.

Choice of location

With billboard advertising, you have the option of choosing the place where you want to advertise your brand, product or service. Different sites offer your advertisement, different levels of visibility and you can select any location depending on the audience you want to target.

Targeted advertising

Billboard signage allows you to target a specific audience or a broad audience depending on your needs. You can choose how to position your brand to reach the required demographics such as age, gender, location, income and hobbies. For example, if you want to sell the products for kids between the age of 5 to 10 years, you can place your billboard ad near a children park or school.

Impulse buying

Even in the era of e-commerce where there are millions of products available online, people choose to go out shopping. Many people shop the products on their way from office to home whether it is grocery or something else. Many consumers think of what products they would buy while returning from office to home. The product in your billboard advertisement could be the nest thing on someone’s list.

Cost Benefit

Imagine the cost of a 30 second TV or radio commercial that cost you thousands of dollars. The viewers may watch or listen to your ad for less than 30 seconds and may not purchase your product. Moreover, you need to pay again if you want to repeat your advertisement daily or weekly. In the case of billboards, the cost of advertising is very less as compared to radio and TV commercials.

Advertise till you want

Banners are highly beneficial for small businesses and startups as they can use the billboard signage to establish their brand in a locality. Once the brand is established, they can remove their advertisement as the people in that location already know about their business, products or services.  They don’t need to pay after creating brand awareness in a location. Instead, they can target other areas with a potential audience.

Digital Billboards

Billboards for Advertising

With the arrival of new technologies now the billboards have gone digital which offer business more flexibility and freedom to display the ads. The digital billboards have made it possible to display multiple ads on a single board. Moreover, if you connect it to a CMS, you can change your advertisement several times a day or anytime you want. Digital billboards are especially beneficial for businesses like restaurants and food courts who change their menu every day.

Final words

Billboards are highly effective for outdoor advertising. They are beneficial for both the established and new businesses. Whether you own a startup or an existing business, small or large, you can use the billboard signage to target specific locations and demographics. High exposure, cost-effectiveness, continuous visibility and customised designs are some of the benefits of billboards that make them one of the best methods for outdoor advertising.