It’s an understatement that blockchain is booming massively. Everyone wants to grab a piece of the pie while the sun is shining. And this sunshine is here for a while.

There are many companies which are making the most of blockchain boom and the ensuing blockchain technologies taking over the world. We list for you the blockchain companies doing the rounds of the world chronicles.

Ethereum: It is an open-source, block-based, and public platform for distribution of operating systems and computing platforms. It is incorporated with smart contract functionality. Ethereum generates blockchain for ether. It is a platform that is on top of the leaderboard of blockchain companies. Proposed by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency connoisseur, Ethereum was crowdfunded. There has been a tremendous demand for ether which surpassed all levels this year.

Coinbase: They call it their mission to create open kind of financial systems for the world. It was founded by Brian Armstrong and its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. This digital currency exchange deals in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, flat currencies, and Litecoin. Its operation runs wide in around 190 countries around the world.

Blockchain: The name of the company is exactly the name of the technology it is dependent on. Though it may lead to some confusion at times, nobody’s complaining when the company ranks fourth in the list of companies leading in blockchain technologies. The company takes pride in offering a fair financial future for everyone by removing costly intermediaries and easy authentication. The easy access allows almost anyone to open a free wallet at the website. 

Kraken Exchange: On the list is another great blockchain company to work for. This US-based company working heavily on blockchain technologies operates in EU, Canada, US, and Japan. Jesse Powell is the company CEO. Various cryptocurrencies are traded on the exchange systems some of which are Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, XRP, Monero, REP, and many others.

Stellar: For Stellar, the more financial products are there, the merrier the business is. It is an open-source and free network to build financial products which are low in cost and can be built by anyone for their community. Ripple’s co-founder is the founder of Stellar, that is to say, Jed McCaleb. He founded the network in 2014. A powerful company to start working with.

Bittrex: A US-based platform based on blockchain which provides industry-leading security and real-time trading to the world. It is meant for today’s generation which demands a lightning-fast execution of the trade, digital wallets which are easily dependent, and practices which are leading the security industry. Founded by Bill Shihara, Richie Lai, and Rami Kawach, the platform complies with all regulations regarding the virtual currencies.

While you start preparing for a future in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, don’t forget to have the basic knowledge about the industry and how it operates. Some certifications regarding the same will prove your credentials to these companies or other top-notch industries using blockchain, but not necessarily dealing in the blockchain.