Top Big Data Certifications – All You Need To Know

While the big data technologies are making its foray into different fields and industries, as a big data expert you need to stay abreast with all the latest happenings of the industry. Big Data technologies are booming and ever-evolving so in order to stay abreast with the latest development in the industry, you need to be proficient in all the technologies.

However, other than being proficient in the latest technologies in you need to also have big data certifications that will ensure that you are always on the top of your game and are familiar with all the latest tools and techniques, which are being adopted in the market. After if you are ahead of your game then only will you be able to guide others about which practices to adopt and which ones to drop.

But did you know which certifications to choose – what certification will help you in your career? If you are seeking a role of big data scientist, then big data science certification and best data science programs are your best bet. Now let’s learn about these programs.

Big Data Technologies And Best Data Science Programs

If you are planning a career in data science, then you may go for best data science programs offered by various universities in the US. While these programs will prepare you for the basic in Data Science, you need to also apply for data science certifications. Data science certifications will ensure that you are aware about the latest tools and practices being used in the big data field.

There are various forms of courses/programs offered by the US universities. You can also go for a graduate program in data science or even a masters’ degree. Post which you can opt for data science certifications thus completing your profile to apply for big data scientist job in any organization.

So now how to know which certification is best for you and how to choose from the lot. Let’s have a look.

Top Big Data Certifications And Data Science Certifications

While there are numerous institutes that offer big data certifications and data science certifications here are the best of the best certification bodies that will ensure that you have a good head start in your career.

  1. Hortonworks:Hortonworks is one of the leading big data certification bodies, and your best bet, if you are seeking certifications for particular role of big data industry. It offers certifications for both entry and the senior levels for big data professionals seeking career in any role.
  1. Cloudera:Cloudera Certifications offer its unique Cloudera Certified Data Analyst Certifications that enables you to get that job both at an entry level and at a senior level.
  1. DASCA:DASCA or Data Science Council of America offers two major Big Data Analytics Certifications to the professionals. DASCA also offers two major big data science certifications. The certifications come with certain prerequisite criteria to be fulfilled before applying for certifications.
  1. SAS Certifications:SAS Global Certification Program offers numerous certifications in the field of Big Data. You can choose from the one that suits you the best and go for it. However, here is a catch for SAS Global Certifications and that you need to use SAS applications.

These are four top Big Data Certifications. You can choose from any one of them and go ahead in your career. Did you know that you can also find big data in education as well? Your time to make the most of this opportunity and stay ahead in big data industry.