Goa Apart from being known for its relaxed beaches and cheap beer, It also has a myriad of hidden destinations and activities that aren’t mainstream. On multiple journeys from Pune to Goa from Pune, I visited various beaches in Goa and explored Goa more than just beaches. Here’s my list of most loved activities that you should do when visiting Goa:

1. Beachside Shacks in Goa

The shacks in Goa are a great place to enjoy drinks and food. Though I’ve been to several restaurants on different beaches, this one on Patnem beach was my favorite simply because of its individuality. It was the only shack outdoors in Goa that wasn’t obscured by colorful umbrellas and was surrounded by green trees. The tables are placed between the trees, and hammocks are secured on top of the tables. I came across this shack while eating breakfast, and it has changed my day. I’ve learned some of the most delicious breakfast recipes from these places! I’ve learned ways to prepare some innovative recipes from food menus from Goan shacks. In general, Goa trip Packages include tourist-friendly experiences, however, you are able to alter your itinerary to include lesser-known gems of the region.

2. Beach Gym in Goa

If you’re health-conscious and had been trying to avoid Goa because you thought it was just about delicious seafood and beers, You didn’t realize that the beaches have a lot of love for us. The fantastic beach gym I found in Ashvem, the coast of North Goa, completely blew me off. The wooden equipment blends into the beach atmosphere. It was the most beautiful gym I’ve ever seen.

3. Paragliding In Goa

Arambol beach in Goa is a paragliding spot with stunning bird’s-eye views of the beaches. The gliders launch from a clifftop close to the beach and then land on the shore of Arambol beach. It’s an entirely different experience from the experience of gliding over the mountains.

4. Spa in Arambol Lake

Arambol Lake is the only fresh-water lake on the beach in Goa, located close to the Arabian Sea. The lake is situated on the bottom of a hill, from which paragliders take off. Arambol beach gives you a memorable experience of a dip in the sea, followed by a soak in the mud of the lake’s water near the stream followed by a relaxing bath at the lake’s sweet waters. The ground in the sweet-water lake has been believed to possess a healing impact on the face.

5. Local Fish and Spice Market

Goan spice and fish markets are the perfect locations to observe the daily activities of Goans. Every day, these markets are set with various fish, dried seafood, spices, and pork hangings. I walked through the market and sat in a corner, watching the actions.

6. Living in an old Portuguese home with a Goan family

I once stayed at an old 500-year-old Portuguese house that belonged to the Goan family from Siolim. The house was awash with wooden doors, ancient artifacts, and furniture. The Balcon part of the property was a great place to gather each morning for tea and chats. I was there during the Christmas season and indulged in the local Christmas treats and cake with the family. I want to experience this once more.

7. Traditional Museums in Goa

Certain committed Goans (artists or sculptors, restorers) have been putting in a lot of effort to preserve the quaint details of Goan life through the creation of museums. The many facets of life for Goans are wonderfully depicted by statues, collections of traditional agricultural implements, and other instruments of commerce. While I’m not a fan of museums, to be honest, I did learn many things about the way of life of Goans during the past through these.

8. Portuguese Colony in Fontainhas

Fontainhas is a historic Portuguese colonial district located in central Panjim, in which the eminent Portuguese rulers resided. The Portuguese-style villas and houses with balconies with overhangs in the narrow, winding lanes are reminiscent of the older European architectural style. The yellow, blue, and green homes make up a lively and lively area. A walk through the heritage of Fontainhas, which is the Portuguese colony in Goa, was a trip through time.

9. Birding

Goa has numerous kinds of bird species. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Chorao Island is located on the Mandovi River. The backwaters and the islands in the river of Goa were fascinating to me for a long time. The boats travel around the island and through the mangroves to look for. Birds that migrate often are seen in winter.

10. Parties in Goa

Who wouldn’t love to have a party in Goa? There are various events, including beach parties, clubs, cruise parties, casino events, private parties, music festivals, and even some hidden events in the secluded regions. I secured an invitation to some private parties, where I walked around naked on the sand all night in Trance. Those were indeed the most memorable party I’ve had in Goa.

11. My Favourite Beaches

Let me also discuss the beaches. On every trip to Goa, I’ve stayed at various beaches. After I discovered my favorite beaches in Goa, I stopped jogging to select one. Ashvem Beach in North Goa and Patnem beach in South Goa are undoubtedly my famous beaches. Visit them to discover the reasons behind this.