Top 8 Tools for Every Android App Development Company

As per Statista analysis there are around 2.6 million Android apps by March 2018 on the Google play store. This is much higher than the number of iOS app and windows apps. This simply proves that Android application development is an intrinsic part of any organization transformation to the digital world. The development is brought simply by using the android application tools and functionalities.

Below we detail some of the top Android app development tool that are used for Android app development services:

  1. Android Studio: Brought by Google in 2013, it has completely replaced eclipse android development tools (ADT) due to its better user interface and support to more plug-in. It is seen as the primary IDE used for native android app development. Android Studio is an open source development tool that provides code editing, testing and debugging all within easy to use drag and drop interface.
  2. Eclipse:  It is the second most preferred IDE used by Android app Development Company. It is not supported by Google but still preferred by many development companies for creating Android and other cross-platform app.
  3. GameMaker: Studio:  Much sought out IDE by Android game developers. It provides every attribute, plugin, and other tools that help in developing 2D games with very little code. It is a simple to use tool with drag and drop facility.
  4. IntelliJ IDEA: It is a free source tool for 1 year and is chargeable at $149 per year so on. It is designed for fast and seamless programmer productivity.
  5. ADB(Android Debug Bridge):Android Studio includes the ADB which act as a bridge between Android devices and other desktop or mobile devices that are used during development, debugging and QA process. This bridge or command-line assist developers to make modification on both the devices simultaneously.
  6. AVD Manager: Another feature of Android Studio is the AVD Manager or Android Virtual Device. It is an emulator used to run Android apps on the computer.  This assists the developers to work with all type of Android devices for checking the performance and responsiveness on different Android versions, screen sizes, and the resolutions.
  7. Fabric: Fabric is the development platform behind Twitter’s mobile app.  It provides a suite of “kits” to the developers which help them in building better mobile apps. These kits include everything from beta-testing, marketing, and advertising tools. The other top brands that have utilized Fabric in developing its mobile application are Uber, Square, Yelp, and many more.
  8. Gradle:Google has endorsed Gradle as a system for Android application development. It is one of the most popular tools for developing a large-scale mobile application involving Java. Mobile Application Development Company is using Gradle in association with Android Studio because it’s ability to add external libraries using a single line of code.

Conclusion: Seeing the trend and future aspect of the android application, the demand for Android developers and Android Application Development services is surely rising. This demand can be better eased and churned out faster and efficiently by the number of IDEs, tools, and applications.