Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh has become one of the prime tourist destinations of our country over the year. The abundant natural beauty of this city along with the beautiful city life forms the main appeal of its beauty to the tourists.

Raisen Fort

If you have been planning a trip to this exquisite city, congratulations! You are going to have a great time ahead. Then, you can book hotels online for your accommodation. You can also check the Noor-us-Sabah Hotel Bhopal tariff online for your accommodation. Once you are done with all the formalities, here are the top seven places in Bhopal you must not miss on your trip. Read on!

Upper Lake:

The oldest manmade lake in our country, the extraordinary Upper Lake will make you speechless with its beauty. It was built by Raja Bhoj on the river Kolas. The main area of the Upper Lake is huge and this lake is considered as the lifeline of the city of Bhopal. The natural beauty of this lake is something you must experience for yourself!

Lower Lake:

The Lower Lake or the Chota Talab is situated just beside the Upper Lake. Both the lakes are joined by an overbridge. You must experience the boating facilities that are available here. You can try various kinds of water sports that are available in Lower Lake. Don’t miss out on the sunset from the banks of Lower Lake.


The famous caves of Bhimbetka are just 45km away from the city of Bhopal. Bhimbetka has been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the rock paintings that are found in the caves here. The paintings date back to 15000 years ago and show the dawn of the Stone Age in this sub-continent. You must not miss this historic chance to visit these important caves!

Van Vihar National Park:

Another important place of Bhopal you must not miss. The Van Vihar National Park is a famous example of natural and urban life synchronizing together. This place can well be a photographer’s delight because of the various types of birds and animals that live here. Do visit this place.

Birla Temple:

The Birla Temple of Bhopal is an example of modern art and sculpture in every sense. The temple houses Goddess Laxmi and her divine consort, Vishnu. Do not miss this temple!

Taj Ul Masjid:

This mosque ranks amongst the largest mosques of Asia. Once you have been there, check out the elaborate history behind its making and also don’t forget to visit the lake in front of it.

Raisen Fort:

Situated 45km away from Bhopal, the Raisen Fort was built in the 6th The fort has been a witness to a great many historical events. If possible, watch the sunrise from the high walls of this grand fort. You will come back again, that’s for sure!

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