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Top 7 Best Natural Oils for Beard Growth


Men who love beards always want a thicker and fuller beard. But those who try their best to grow a beard by their own techniques, have to deal with thin hair follicles, itchiness, dandruff, etc. 


Therefore, to promote your beard hair growth naturally and fast, you need to use some organic or natural oils that do not have any side effects.


Oils saturate the skin and hairs from root to tip. And while massaging some effective oils on your beard, it helps to enhance your blood circulation of the beard. Then, as a result, you will be able to get thicker and fuller beard within a month or two. But there are some criteria that needed to be fulfilled before using natural oils for beard growth.


7 Best Natural Oils for Beard Growth


Here are the best natural oils for beard hair growth that you must try at least once to see effective results.


1. Jojoba Oil:


Jojoba oil is extracted from the Jojoba plant which is a kind of liquid wax. This plant grows in the southwestern places of Mexico and the US. 


People are using this oil for more than a hundred years due to its effectiveness on the skin as well as on men’s beards. This oil helps to decrease the grease and strengthen the hair follicles from root to tip. 


On the other hand, it acts as a natural moisturizer for your beard and keeps it saturated for about 24 hours.


2. Castor Oil:

Castor oil is regarded as the best beard oil in 2020 due to its rich benefits both for hair and skin. Castor oil consists of ricinoleic acid that helps to promote blood circulation.


This oil is very effective in delivering nutrients to the hair follicles instantly. It helps to lubricate skin and hair that in turn assists in growing facial hair. After using castor oil, you will be able to notice results within three weeks. 


3. Coconut Oil:


Coconut oil is also widely used by men for beard growth. This oil helps to penetrate your skin effectively as it contains lauric acid which is excellent for your bread.


Coconut oil is produced from fatty acids and it kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens, etc. This oil is great in dealing with dry skin and reducing eczema.


This oil acts as a protective agent for your beard and reduces the sun’s rays so that it cannot damage your beard’s hair follicles.


4. Avocado Oil:


Are you frustrated with your beard’s dandruff and itchiness? Then no need to worry at all. Avocado oil is all you need to eliminate your dandruff and excessively dry skin. 


Collagen production can be plump up by this oil and will give your beard a thicker and fuller appearance. Avocado oil is also effective in reducing age spots because it contains natural sterol.


5. Sunflower Oil:


Sunflower oil too has numerous benefits for your beard. This oil helps in preventing breakage and hair loss. 


It is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, E, fatty acids, omega and many other nutrients that are essential for your beard to keep it soft and moisturized. It consists of beta-carotene that keeps your beard protected from harmful sun rays. Sunflower oil increases the blood flow of the beard and gives you a thicker beard appearance.


6. Vetiver Oil:


Vetiver oil is effective in treating scars and other marks of your beard’s skin and it helps to speed up its healing process.


This oil is popular in India and it consists of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are essential for your beard’s hair follicles. In addition, it gives a cooling and calming effect on your beard and helps to reduce cracking of beard follicles.


7. Cedarwood Oil:


Cedarwood oil helps in treating dry scalps of your beard by stimulating and moisturizing circulation.


This oil has antiseptic properties which are beneficial if you get any small cuts or minor injuries in cheeks or necks during trimming. When you massage this oil on your beard then it will improve your beard’s blood circulation and gives you expected results within a month.


Wrapping it up


Therefore, you have come across numerous benefits of these seven oils that will give you expected results within a month. I understand how essential a beard is for man. It gives them a manly look and enhances their appearance.