Top 5 Tips For Shower Tiles Cleaning

Shower Tiles Cleaning

No doubt, regular cleaning helps a lot to keep the shower tiles clean and neat.  But most of the time individuals neglect the importance of professional shower tiles cleaning just because of the type and size of the area.

You need to keep the tiles clean and neat with the help of regular and deep cleaning patterns. Moreover, if you don’t know how to do the deep cleaning of shower tiles then this article will guide you in the right way. because soap scums and grime on the tiles and grout will disturb the overall appearance of tiles. For this, cleaning tile grout is also important as tiles.

However, you can’t get rid of hard stains and soap scums on the tiles just by mopping. Because scrubbing by using a professional and high-quality shower tile cleaner is also necessary to free the tiles from dirt and grime.

Use Baking Soda To Remove Grime:

To clean the dirt and grime on the shower tiles, you don’t need to buy expensive and professional cleaning products when you can use natural ingredients. For this, you can use baking soda directly on the wet tiles or by mixing it with water or vinegar.

To make the natural shower tile cleaner, mix baking soda with water until it offered consistency like a paste. Spread this paste or solution on all over the tiles with the help of a sponge. Let the mixture sit on the tiles at least for 30 minutes. But if the stains and grime are hard then you can leave the solution on the tiles overnight. Later on, wipe out the solution with the help of a mopping cloth or sponge.

Baking soda will give a new and grime-free look to the tiles within no time and effort.

Clean The Shower Curtains:

It’s necessary to discuss the cleaning process of shower curtains while talking about shower tiles cleaning. because it is essential to clean the curtains to keep it free from mould and mildew on it. Otherwise, mould spores on the curtains will also grow on the tiles due to moisture and water deposit.

To clean the curtains, you can use a mild cleaning agent as well as vinegar by mixing it with borax. After making the mixture, dip the curtains in it at least for 30 minutes to get rid of mould and mildew on it. You can also use the cleaning agent with any other cleaning spray solution to clean the shower curtains. After cleaning the shower curtains, let the curtains dry completely before hanging it back.

Don’t Miss The grout Lines:

Grout lines are more prone to dirt and dust due to the smallest area. That’s why most of the people miss the cleaning tile grout while cleaning tiles. To clean the grout, you can use natural ingredients but not vinegar. Because it has acidic properties and will damage or crack the grout lines.

To make a paste, mix baking soda with borax and scrub the grout lines with the help of a soft bristle scrubbing brush. You can also use an eraser to remove the grime on the grout lines. It will help to reach out to even narrow areas.

For dirty and filthy grout, you can also use the mild bleaching agent on the grout lines to remove stains and marks.

Treat Hard Water Marks Appropriately:

Shower tiles can be dulled and fade just because of hard watermarks and stains on it. Moreover, hard water creates a white layer on the tiles that will damage the tiles over time. while shower tiles cleaning, you can use the hot water to treat these hard marks and stains.

On the other hand, steam cleaning with the help of a natural tile cleaner is also suitable to clean the watermarks on the tiles. Moreover, use the baking soda with warm water for cleaning tile grout and tiles.

Shower areas are the main part of bathrooms and more prone to dirt and dust due to water deposit and moisture. For this, shower tiles cleaning with natural cleaning solutions as well as mild cleaners are essential to keep the tiles free from grime and dirt. Proper cleaning of your tiles and grout is essential to keep your home fresh and clean.

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