Without a doubt, engineering is the most widely pursued course in India. Every year thousands of students sit for numerous engineering entrance exams to pursue among the various B Tech courses. It has been a trend since more than a decade now, with more students taking admission in B Tech courses every passing year.

However, for a long-time n0w engineering has been clouded by only a handful of branches that are saturating the market. Not to forget, the constant technological innovation is leading to the inception of new engineering domains. Today, many specialised B Tech courses equip students in every conceivable way and lead them to an illustrious career.

If you are an engineering aspirant, there are many reasons why choosing among specialised B Tech courses is the way to go. Here are five reasons:

  • Industry Demand – Respond to Market the Right Way

In today’s global world, pursuing an engineering degree is a way to kickstart a career. However, the question remains – are all engineering courses equal? The answer is a firm no.

The recent surge of technological innovation has led to many new avenues opening in the job market. At present, organizations are looking for engineers to take on new roles. The market for various engineering specialisations is witnessing a huge demand. There is a surge in the demand and industries are looking for students who have the right set of engineering skills and can take on roles right out of college. Gone are the days when students from any branch could fit anywhere, the job landscape is different, and companies prefer candidates whose education aligns perfectly with the job profile.

  • Career Opportunities

In a time when engineering graduates are scrambled and are doing odd jobs, pursuing a specialised B Tech course will bring many career opportunities. There are no doubts the traditional engineering branches such as mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and civil engineering still thrive in their own ways – but, a new set of branches are emerging that are giving way to some serious career opportunities.

Branches including mechatronics engineering, geoinformatics engineering, or even sub-specialisations of computer science such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things and graphics and gaming are flourishing in today’s connected world. They present a new outlook of the world and offer unprecedented opportunities to students.

  • Chance to Improve The World

Innovative technologies open new avenues for both personal and professional growth. However, it also gives us a new lease on life to improve the world. Yes, engineering branches like big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, mechatronics are taking the world to a new horizon. These branches are indirectly helping to make society a better place to live. Imagine a life without Google Maps or social media or travel aggregators – all of them are built on specialised engineering domains. Hence, if you wish to improve the world and change it for better, a specialisation is likely to take you there.

  • Excellent Compensation

The new-age specialised engineering courses are disruptor, and students can leverage the first-mover advantage. Areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and more are taking the world by a storm. They are among the handful specialisations that are offering excellent compensation – way more than any other branches. Since it’s a new avenue, students can make these engineering branches turn in their favour.

  • Intellectual Development

As an engineer, you’re expected to be on top of your thinking and analytical skills. The mind will be on top of your career, and you would be expected to churn out innovative solutions. When you pursue engineering with a specialisation, your intellectual development starts right from the university’s first lecture. Specialisations like the ones mentioned above are new and have so much to be explored and learned.

However, there’s one consideration that you absolutely need to make while choosing specialised B Tech courses. The university will make much difference to the education and opportunities you get during and after completing your degree program. Universities like UPES are known for their industry-aligned courses and offer B Tech specialisations in many fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, big data, geoinformatics, and many more. The unique curriculum and academic collaboration with some of the big names like IBM and Xebia make the university stand out in its offering. Furthermore, the university is India’s first and only university to be rated QS 5 Stars for Employability – a feat of its own!