Android Phone Apps that you use are either web app the native app or the hybrid app. These are the 3 popular phone apps that you are most probably using in your smartphone at present. For you are habitual to using different apps therefore it becomes important for you to have a basic know how about the same. In this article we will let you have a brief know how about the top 3 types of popular phone applications. These are as follows:

Native App

Native App is the one that is devised with the intention of using it on a particular type of a platform or a device. It is basically a Smartphone application which has been coded in a particular programming language. These are not only the good performers but at the same time offer a high degree of reliability allowing you an access to the diverse devices of the phone including the camera as well as the phone contact list. Many of the native apps can be used without having an access to the internet. Devising such an app is the expensive affair as it finds connection to a specific type of the operating system. The companies have an option of availing the Hybrid App offering cross-platform compatibility, Dedicated Web App that work on specific platform and Generic Mobile App working with all mobile phones. Many of the Free Apps for Android phone are basically the native apps.

Web App

Web App is the one that is stored on the remote server and is made available over the internet. These are in no case the real apps but in reality the websites that functions as well as appear like the native applications and are ideally written in HTML5. These can be installed on the smartphone and can also be used as the websites. These are so built that these can easily function within the browser of the phone. There are umpteen web apps available out there that have made it easy for you to access wide variety of information. You can easily store them on your phone and in no case are these native to the specific type of an operating system.

Hybrid App

Hybrid Apps basically run on the device. These are written using web technologies like HTML5, CSS or JavaScript. They run within the native container. These are known to leverage the browser engine of the device and are availed from the heterogeneous sources as these are composed using the elements of diverse types. These are prepared using the same technique as for the websites. One can call it a perfect combination of web technology and the native execution. The hybrid apps are ideally built as the wrappers for the existing web page so that these get acknowledged in the app store. These also facilitate cross-platform development.

All in all, these are the top 3 types of popular phone applications that you need to know.

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