Having your very own swimming pool is definitely glamorous. You get to hang out in the backyard, take dips and do laps whenever you want to, and host pool parties when you feel like it. But there is more than just glam and luxury, it also comes with a responsibility: maintenance. The pool won’t always stay looking brand new and clean, you have to work to achieve that.


Here are some tips that you should include in your pool maintenance list.

  1. Skim and Scrub

There will always be debris falling on the pool, especially if you have trees nearby. If possible, skim the pool daily and take any debris out. Also, scrubbing is part of keeping the pool clean. Instead of scrubbing the pool’s sides when it is all filthy, check for small spots where dirt starts to form and scrub it immediately. Catch while it is small and manageable.

  1. Throw a Tennis Ball

Sunscreen, lotion, and even natural body oils are left in the pool water after a swim or after a pool party. This is easily seen because it stays on the surface of the water. Although it glistens and sparkles, it is not a pretty sight. The solution? Throw a tennis ball in the water. The material of the ball absorbs oils quite efficiently.

  1. Powerwash the Deck
  • The deck is just as important as the pool itself. A power washer or pressure washer is an effective method for removing dirt and debris on the surface. If the stains are too much and there is quite a bit of damage, it might be high time to resurface the deck. A pool deck resurfacing is a great way to repair any damage or to update its look. Make sure to consult a pro who can help you determine the right option for your pool deck.
  1. Test Chemical Levels

The chemicals in the pool water must be tested every week at least. You can buy test kits from a pool store. The pool water must not be irritating to the skin and eyes. It must not be murky and cloudy, too. The chemical levels that must be checked for are for:

  • Free Chlorine
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Acidity/Alkalinity or pH level
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Total Alkalinity
  1. Try Baking Soda

Pool chemicals can be quite expensive. A good and definitely affordable alternative is baking soda. It contains the same sodium bicarbonate that pool water requires. Even the amount that you should put is the same as the solutions being sold in local pool stores.

  1. Check the Water Level

There are certain instances when pool water overflows, like after a heavy rain or storm. The water level must reach only halfway up the skimmer’s opening. If it is anywhere under that, you can easily add water with your hose. If it is past that, excess water must be pumped out. This can be done with a submersible pump but you must first consult a pool pro to make sure it won’t damage your pool structure.

  1. Clear the Filter Basket

Turn off the filter and open the filter basket. There should be debris there that the filter has accumulated. Clear this every week to make sure that the filter runs perfectly. Doing so also keeps the entire system in good running condition.

  1. Shock the Pool

Along and excessive use, the pool water could become cloudy and murky. Shocking the water is one effective solution to reviving its clarity and cleanliness. Shocking is the process of increasing the amount of chemical dosage you put in the water by about three or even fives times the usual amount. Remember though that this can be harmful to the pool structure so don’t do it too frequently.

  1. Winterize Properly

Proper winterization is crucial to protect your pool during the Winter season. Consult a pro to help you determine the best pool cover for your pool, how to prepare the filter system, and other things that need to be checked and done before snow begins to fall.

  1. Schedule a Yearly Service

Calling a pool service is not just for instances when there is something wrong. It is highly recommended to schedule a yearly inspection to catch damage or danger early. This way, you minimize the work needed and the cost of repairs.

These ten things are the basic but most important things you need to remember when cleaning and maintaining your pool. It may involve some work and expenses on your end but it will surely extend the lifespan of your entire pool area.

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