Tips to secure Wi-Fi – Safeguarding the Network

Accessing internet anywhere in the business premises has become much easier with wireless networks. Wi-Fi router can be had by almost any business or individual having strong internet connection. It allows connection of multiple devices to it, but without the wires. However, there is to be paid a price for deriving this convenience. At the same time, if left unprotected, the network can be accessed by other people and the business network can be prone to be hacked by scrupulous elements. Mywifiext can fix the issue and provide the most appropriate solutions. If the business has a Wi-Fi network, then it becomes crucial to do everything possible to secure it.

Crucial security considerations to be made for the business Wi-Fi network

Mywifiext provides the necessary guidance to help businesses of all types to secure the Wi-Fi network. It includes the following:

  • Setting up of WPA or WEP
  • Changing of Administrator Password
  • Changing router’s IP address
  • SSID Broadcast Settings

Why to care about the same?

According to the mywifiext experts, each and every Wi-Fi router needs to come with inbuilt protection so that it can be set up easily and effortlessly. But many simply tend to switch off WPA or WEP off. The reason is because, such security types can be just irritating. Few are not aware as to they need to bother about securing wireless network. Several reasons are cited for the same.

  • Firstly, others could access the internet connection without any charges or permission of the owner. It will only cause slowing down of net connection. Unsecured Wi-Fi connection will mean people might use the net connection to carry out illegal work.
  • If wireless network is not correctly secured, then people may have easy access to crucial official and personal documents and images. Mywifiext can take care of the same and enhance Wi-Fi security aspects.

Establishing WPA or WEP

The different encryption standards that wireless networks use currently are WPA2, WPA and WEP. Wi-Fi routers of all types have the ability to perform some encryption type to prevent others from accessing vital information or connecting to network without using the correct key. Even though encryption might appear to be a real hassle while establishing new devices on the network, persevering the same is worth the try. The encryption keys are to be entered just once on every new device. The device will then remember and access continuously the network like in normal times. Getting access to will do the trick.


Known in short as Wi-Fi Protected Setup, it is a useful feature present in almost every modern router. It allows new devices to connect easily to the router, which can be done by pressing the router back part or entering pin number for providing access. It only makes using of WPA encryption on the router to be easier, but quite insecure.

Broadcast S SID

If secure Wi-Fi is desired, the router is to be prevented from broadcasting SSID, which means existed of the network, will not be known by others upon scanning. Entering router name manually can help to connect.