Most of the time cyclists have found out that, there are many thieves who are patrolling the streets for your cycle. If you became unaware for a minute, they can take your bicycle. Also, if you use a cheap lock, it is only a matter of a few seconds before they break the lock open and start riding on your own bike. This article is helpful to you if you were wondering how you could ensure the safety of your bicycles. We do not guarantee that all of these tips will make your cycle steal proof, but they will buy you some time and make the thieves hard for you to go out with your bikes.

Some tips

Always park your cycle in a public place: Most of the time, the reason the cyclists lose their bike is that they park their cycle in a quiet place. They think that no one will notice their parking. But is wrong. For instance, if you ride the city cykel Kvinder then it’s very normal that the thieves will be fascinated with your amazing ride so make sure that you use the perfect lock to protect your cycle. The thieves know the ins and out of an area and they will first search at the quiet places where most cyclists park. If you park at an alley and have gone out, thieves could easily come to your bikes and break the lock with ease. Placing in a public places makes it harder. Try to park always in front of the crowd. Chances are your cycle will be safe.

Use a strong and good lock: Always use a branded and strong locks to keep your city cykel Kvinder from theft. Never use a local chain lock. Try to use a branded lock with a strong chain that the thieves cannot cut with a chain cutter. There are many famous lock companies and they provide excellent locks with high-quality chains for your cycle. Buy and use one of them. Cycle lock is the only thing between you and the thieves after you leave the cycle out of sight. Make it count.

Use some alarm:

There are many alarms available in the market and you could buy one of them. It will make a loud sound when someone touches your bike. If you park your cycle close to you, it is one good way to know if the thieves are trying to steal your bike. If you look at professional bike rider then you will notice that almost all of them are using the digital alarm system to protect their city cykel Kvinder from being stolen.


The cycle is a wonderful companion to have. Try to protect your cycle with expensive locks and park it in a public place. If possible, you can give some tips to the nearby guards where you park your cycle. It is always better to have a human watching your cycle than leaving it unattended.