how to get even skin tone naturally

Getting a smooth, spotless skin is something that every bride wishes to have at her wedding. The uneven skin can be the result of various different causes and can be temporary or permanent.

The uneven skin tone can be due to the black spots, skin redness, or tanning of the skin. The patches of color on the skin are something that’ll not allow you to look your best on the wedding and will be important to work upon.

There are many different reasons that may cause uneven skin tones. A few of the reasons among them can be – Exposure to the direct sunlight, Due to aging or side effects from the ongoing medications. Here we bring you some tips that’ll help you with a bridal makeup in Pune, that’s flawless and radiant.

Staying Hydrated Is Of Utmost Priority

It is important that you keep your skin hydrated at all times. Drinking lots of water helps to flush all the antioxidants out of your system and keeps the skin healthy. It is also important that you wash your face at least twice a day with a mild face wash, and apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type after pat drying your face with a soft towel. This’ll ensure that your skin pores are not clogged and will lock the moisture inside for much longer.

Avoid Alcohol And Other Food Items

There are certain types of drinks and food items that might cause dark patches on the skin. If you want to look your best at the wedding then it is recommended that you stop consuming any alcoholic drinks well before your wedding day as it is one of the main causes of skin problems. Foods that are too spicy can cause skin irritation and redness. You must also control the sugar intake as it can develop wrinkles and aging marks. Try adding in green vegetables and a lot of fruits in your diet as they’ll help give your skin essential nutrients and will decrease skin inflammation.

Using Lemon Juice Can Be Effective

Lemon juice works wonders for the skin and can help you get rid of tanning. Applying a squeezed lemon juice at the affected areas at least twice a day is something that you must absolutely add to your daily skincare regimen. The acidic properties of the lemon help lighten the skin and will present you with spotless skin.

Apply Sunscreen Before Stepping Outside

Wearing sunscreen whenever you step outside is really important to prevent damage to your skin from the direct sunlight. This will surely help out in preventing the redness and peeling off the skin due to dryness. If you know that you’ll be out there planning for a wedding in the summer months then you must keep an umbrella handy that’ll help you in dodging the sun whenever possible because SPF too has its limitations and can only save you for just a couple of minutes.

Include Foods That Have High Vitamin C Content

When your aim is to look your best at your wedding and have a skin that’s soft and smooth, then it is impossible without the goodness of Vitamin C. You must absolutely start adding the Vitamin C to your diet in any way possible. You can take the supplements or can also consider having various foods that are rich in Vitamin C like guava, oranges, Kiwis, strawberries, bell peppers, etc.

Getting an even-toned skin naturally is not a day’s task and will require you to work upon the skin for at least 4-6 months. However, there are various medical options that can get rid of skin discoloration but should be considered only if the home remedies are not working as these procedures are quite expensive. Some of these procedures that you can consider if nothing else works out for you are Laser Treatments, Clinical Strength Peels, and Microdermabrasion, etc.

I hope that these few tips help you out in having a great look on the day of your wedding. Even if the natural options leave a little faded out mark then I will advise you not to go for the medical options and ask your makeup artist to work something out and apply an extra bit of makeup to hide the skin imperfection. I am quite sure that they’ll be happy to oblige.

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