Have you just moved apartments? Whether you bought a brand new or a previously-owned flat, there will always be some things you will not like. You don’t like how the previous owner arranged the elements or the materials they used? You want everything to look brand new? Don’t worry, we are here to offer you some tips on how to remodel your apartment.


We are going to focus on kitchens as they are one of the rooms that get remodelled most often, along with the bathroom.

If possible, try not to change the location of your lights and pipes. Of course, you should consult experts who can tell you what condition everything is in, and advise you on whether changing the layout would be a smart idea. Depending on this, you can work out the entire kitchen plan.

You don’t like the floors and have the money to change them? Do it! One of the options is just to fix up the old one and refinish it, especially if it’s made of wood. But, you can also opt for linoleum as it is easy to install and maintain. Tiles are quite popular in the kitchen as well, as they can be easily cleaned if they are glazed.

The walls are probably the easiest thing to change. You can repaint them (try waterproof paint) or cover them in tile or vinyl wallpaper. The colour will depend on your preferences.

Decide on the arrangement of the counters and whether you will have an island. Make sure that the cabinets do not look too blocky; you can separate them with a window or a range hood. Choose the material for the countertops; they can be quartz, laminate, glass or metal among other things.

When it comes to appliances, you can go for all new ones but you can also take your recently-bought or old ones with you. If the previous owner left any behind, you can call an appliance repair centre in Sydney and have them checked and fixed if you think they will fit your aesthetics.

If you decide to get new appliances, go for those that are practical and Energy Star certified. Opt for fridges that offer a lot of space and have compartmentalised sections for each type of food. There are even smart fridges now that can keep track of your groceries and tell you when you’re running low on something. In addition, find ranges and dishwashers with timers so that you don’t have to spend all of your time in the kitchen.

Be practical when organising your elements; think about the kitchen triangle. Make sure there is enough space to walk through the kitchen without bumping into elements and knocking things down. Keep spices and utensils near the stove. Install enough electrical sockets so you can plug in everything you need. Add overhead and task lights to avoid accidents. Have a message board near the telephone.


As we mentioned, the bathroom is also remodelled quite often. This space might seem much smaller than a kitchen but don’t be fooled, there is so much that can be done here as well.

Just like in the kitchen, electrical wiring and plumbing should be discussed with professionals; then you can decide whether to move it or not. Moreover, don’t forget to examine the vents too.

When it comes to the floors, go for tiles or wood (oak, ash and cedar are good). As for the walls, your options are quite similar to those in the kitchen.

You can get a new bathtub – there is a wide variety to choose from. From alcove to freestanding, there is something for everyone’s taste. If you don’t want to change the entire toilet, you can just get a new seat. Also, you can just find a new sink if you like the counter or get a whole new vanity.

Put up a new mirror. Try to match the accessories such as the towel rack with light fixtures. When opting for faucets, aside from matching them with the rest of the accents, go with the eco-friendly approach. Get low-flow faucets and showerhead and a low-flush toilet.

When it comes to storage, try to go vertical if possible. Utilize the corners as well; put your products and towels there. You can even add some hanging plants.


Seeing as how the bedroom is your oasis for relaxation, you should do everything in your power to make it as tranquil as possible. Just a few crucial elements will be enough to help you achieve this.

If the place came with a bed, you can just replace the mattress. Get the comfiest one you can find. Everyone has their preference when it comes to the firmness of the mattress, so make sure to try them out first. To make it extra comfy, go for high-quality linen and memory foam pillows. Adding a headboard can also contribute to the atmosphere of the room.

Consider the lighting, too. Does the room have huge windows or is there just one small one? If you don’t have enough natural light, you need to get both overhead and accent lights. Even task lights for reading before bed can be useful. On the other hand, if you have an abundance of sunlight, you can get thick, lush curtain that will help you relax and take a nap in the afternoon or sleep in on Sunday mornings.

Look for luxurious rugs online. You are sure to find something that suits your taste as there are plenty of options. Install some practical but interesting shelves. Add some scents in the form of candles or potpourri. Some cute plants can even improve the air quality.

Living room

The living room is probably where you spend the most of your time so you need to make it as pleasant as possible.

Opting for modular furniture is the best approach you can take. This way, you can rearrange it when you need it and how you need it. Also, try to find some options that offer storage beneath the seat. Add a lot of soft pillows so everyone can relax and enjoy the environment.

You can have a statement wall which can be painted in a bold colour, covered with an interesting pattern or even faux fur. Floor options are various, from carpets to wooden floors.

Accents are important to personalise the space and make it your own. So, put up various travel memories, pictures and interesting artwork on the walls. Always have a vase of fresh flowers on the table or some potted plants to complete the ambience.

Remodelling an apartment you just moved into does not have to be time- or money-consuming. It is not even hard. You need to know that not everything has to be changed, it can just be adjusted so it fits your needs and style.

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