Pool Decks Safer for Kids

Kids love, love spending time in the pool. This is a proven fact. You may have already kid-proofed your swimming pool so you think you can leave them be and attend to some indoor chores because everything is going to be fine. Aside from drowning, slips and falls are also common accidents that occur in the pool area, particularly on the deck. So it would be highly recommended to also kid-proof your pool deck to make it a lot safe for your little ones. Here are some tips on how you can get started:

Choose Furniture Wisely

Choosing pool deck furniture shouldn’t just stop at outdoor-savvy material. If you have kids at home, you might want to get deck beds or chairs that are low enough for them to sit on. Also, avoid furniture with pointed or sharp edges as kids may acquire serious injuries if they accidentally bump into it. Opt for those that have rounded tips and edges.

Texturize Floors for Extra Slip-Resistance

Any wet surface has a tendency to become slippery unless traction is enough to prevent slips. There is a wide range of floor resurfacing applications and coatings, such as stamped concrete, that can create a non-skid pool deck surface without compromising style and budget. Check with a local decorative concrete contractor to know your options.

Add a Coping or Pool Fence

Kids do not even have to be swimming or playing in the pool to become prone to accidents. Merely walking or running around the deck exposes them to possibly falling into the pool. Some homeowners opt for mesh covers but you can also add a pool fence and gate to keep the kids at bay. If you don’t favor having a fence built around your pool, why not add a coping around the pool in a contrasting pattern or color? This way, kids can easily identify the edge of the pool and know their boundaries while playing on the deck.

Widen the Pool Deck Area

Unless you are a single adult using your pool with adult family and friends, you have to make the pool deck area wide enough to prevent kids from falling into the pool. Knowing that kids are likely to get distracted and lose their balance easily, a very narrow pool deck can be dangerous.  Also, remove any toys, plants, or furniture that could become an obstacle as kids walk around the pool.

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