The Pittsburgh Zoo, Andy Warhol Museum, and Mount Washington are just some of the attractions that make Pittsburgh a popular travel destination for families. The city is known as a more budget-friendly alternative to larger East Coast cities like Philadelphia and New York, but there are always ways to make your trip even cheaper. Consider the following tips to make your money go further in Pittsburgh.

Use Smart Hotel Websites to Book Your Accommodation


Hotel websites have made booking accommodations even easier and more affordable. The best hotel planning websites consider more than the room rates, so you can make sure your money goes further.

They let you filter out Pittsburgh hotels that cost more than you’re willing to pay and let you see guest ratings, so you know what hotels represent the best value. You can also search for Pittsburgh hotels that have features you care about, like swimming pools to entertain the kids or kitchens where you can make your own meals rather than splurging on restaurant dinners. When you see a good deal, book it to lock the rate in.

Sign Up for Online Coupons

Online coupon websites like Groupon and Living Social help you save up to 90 percent on Pittsburgh attractions like scenic cruises and great restaurants. Pay for great deals before you go, so you save on amenities while you’re in the city. Some providers restrict coupon usage, so make sure you can use the deal while you’re in Pittsburgh. You may also need to book the service with the provider before you go.

Look Out for Free Services

Pittsburgh has plenty of free attractions and services that frugal travelers can take advantage of. The local light rail, dubbed The T, has a free fare zone between Allegheny, North Side, Gateway, Wood Street, Steel Plaza, and First Avenue Stations. This means you can move around between downtown hotels and some of Pittsburgh’s most popular tourist attractions for nothing. If you want to take your rental car out, try to wait until Sunday when there’s free parking on downtown streets.

If your hotel charges for Wi-Fi, wait until you head out to check your emails or Skype back home. You can use the city’s Wi-Fi for two hours a day without paying a cent.

Check for Free Attractions

You can also find plenty of great attractions in the city that are free or low cost. You could walk around the city exploring for nothing, but if you want an insider’s perspective, join one of the free walking tours offered through the Robert Morris University.

Top museums including Frick Art and Historical Center, Bicycle Heaven, and Fort Pitt Block House offer free admission at all times. The Allegheny Observatory offers free admission on Thursday and Friday nights during the warmer months. Many local events including the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and outdoor activities during the Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival, held each May, are also free.

Be smart with your money and you can have great fun in Pittsburgh without leaving a gaping hole in your finances.

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