Due to a medical condition or some other issue, you may need to use a catheter. It could be for a short period of time or it may be more of a permanent solution. Either way, such a change in your daily routine can definitely take some getting used to. The best way to make it easier for yourself is to know how to manage your catheter properly. This will reduce discomfort or the number of problems that you face. Here are the tips that you should be aware of:

Choose Good Quality Equipment

The last thing that you need is to use equipment or bags that aren’t made of the highest quality. For one thing, a number of these devices will be going into your body meaning that you need to be certain that it is safe. For another, in such a situation, durability is key, especially if you don’t want any messy accidents. You should only get equipment from renowned brands like Coloplast that have received a stamp of approval. This will provide you with peace of mind and ensure that you get full value for your money.


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Ensure Excellent Hygiene

The last thing that you need is to contract any type of infection. This is why it is important to always wash your hands before and after handling the catheter. You will also need to wash the area on a daily basis, even if you aren’t able to take a shower. All you really need to clean the region is water and soap. You should pay special attention to the catheter entry point as you wish. It is important that you don’t use any sprays, powders, or lotions near that region as these can cause an infection.

When showering, you should keep in mind that you should never detach the catheter from the leg bag. That being said, you can remove the thigh strap for a short period of time though it should be reattached as quickly as possible.

Place All of the Components Properly

It is imperative that you make sure that all of the various elements are placed properly. Now, you will probably feel most comfortable with a catheter strap placed around your thigh. This ensures that your urethra and bladder neck are well protected. However, if you are using a drainage bag, you will need to make certain that it is placed at a level that is lower than your bladder. This will allow the fluid to drain more easily.

Drink the Proper Quantity of Liquid

This may seem like an odd thing to include but it is actually quite relevant. See, for you to feel most comfortable with your catheter, you will need to ensure that you are drinking the right amount of water. Unless your doctor has limited how much you should drink, you should try to drink around eight cups. However, you may find that it is easier for you to manage if you have smaller drinks throughout the day.

All of this information will make it a lot easier for you to manage your catheter.

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