Bored, Half-Asleep, Daydreaming in the class has been a phase in our life which we are not proud of. A recent survey found out that most of the students, sum of school in two words “Bored” and “Tired”. As a teacher, the task of keeping the class engaged and interesting can be challenging. Don’t worry, by implementing these engagement techniques, teachers are assured with a continuous engagement and knowledge transition.


Some kind of technology implemented by the teacher in the learning process will prove to be beneficial. Because teens are glued to their tech, using it in class will make the course interesting. Interactive puzzles and questions from NCERT Solutions For Class 7 Science can be made accessed so that the students can participate from their own devices.


There are various classroom games which teachers can incorporate in lessons and chapters of any subject to keep the students on their toes. Splitting the class into teams and as we know many students are grade driven, giving an extra point as a reward will definitely keep their mind engaged.


Groups are an effective way to make students interact with each other. These groups can collectively solve various assignments, complex discussion questions etc. This strategy ensures that students feel confident in sharing ideas in later stages of life.


The best way to communicate with teens is to talk about the things they know such as music, games, pop culture or television shows. Creating lessons around TV characters can be a fun way of teaching in class and the class can have a lively conversation.


Using classroom space for some activity which puts the students on their feet instead of stagnantly sitting will be very impactful in teaching something. Letting students choose their corners when they are about to answer a question related to a chapter and discussing why they chose that corner will not only make their mind refreshing, it will definitely keep them engaged in class.


Participating in projects assigned to students in class and sharing your own interests and experiences while getting to know your student’s interests is the best way to teach in class and ensure students understand the taught subjects.

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