It is important to keep your air conditioner well-maintained to be able to save both your energy and money. This way, you can also increase the lifespan of your air conditioner to save the replacement costs in the long run. You can simply follow the smart tips and ways to make sure that your air conditioner runs smoothly and creates a comfortable environment inside rooms of your home.

Here are top tips mentioned to help you with the essential maintenance of home air conditioning unit.

  • Clean Air Filters

Air filters are supposed to maintain the flow of air to make sure that the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is significant to keep the temperature desirable. If the filters get dirty or clogged, you must immediately invest your time and money in getting them cleaned properly. Otherwise, the dirty air might pass from the filter to the evaporator coil. So, you should carry out the cleanliness of air filters at least a month. It is even better if you can do the regular cleaning as it results in proper cooling. Also, if there are pets in your home, their fur might get inside the air filters which would require daily cleaning to keep the air conditioners functioning.

  • AC Service

A professional AC service is equally important before the summer season starts. It includes the detailed cleanup and maintenance of air conditioner. However, the professional company you choose for the service of your air conditioner must be renowned and trustworthy like ac maintenance dubai which ensures the quality of its services and checks each important part of the air conditioner.

  • Plants & Trees

You must keep plants and trees away from your air conditioner to make sure that the leaves or dirt doesn’t get into it. Also, you should be extra careful while trimming plants, flowers, grass, or bushes. It is suggested to keep the leaves at least 60 cm away from the air conditioner.

  • Clean the Coils

Coils play an important role in moving both the hot and cold air. So, they must not get clogged with dust, dirt, fur, leaves, or anything else which can cause trouble. You need to get the unit cleaned before you have to hire any professional service to get each part of it inspected. You can just brush away the dirt from the coils with a cloth or soft brush. Also, you should try with the soapy water by spraying it on the remaining dirt. Even detergent and dish soap are recommended for the stains which are hard to remove. However, you must use the water carefully in as less amount as possible to avoid any kind of damage.

  • Cover Up

In the winter season when the air conditioners are not in use, it is advised to keep them covered to prevent the dirt or dust from getting inside the unit and causing troubles in the summer when you need to operate the air conditioners the most.

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