Many of you out there might be looking for the advice to effectively maintain the production database. This sort of an information is most primarily required by those who are the professional DBAs and may a times from the ones who are the involuntary DBA, as they can rightly be called so. In this article you will get all the desired information about the Index Maintenance. By the end of the article, all the involuntary DBAs reading the article will have a god amount of knowledge about the Index Company and the related information. Here are the tips for effective database maintenance. These are as follows:

5 areas of concern

This is a wide world having wide issues and there is not one solution that fits all when it comes to the effective database maintenance. However, there remain certain key points that need to be focused in all sorts of situations. In any situation you will need to address the same. 5 basic areas of concern remain to be the data and log file management followed by Index fragmentation and Statistics. You then need to address the corruption detection and finally the Backups. Any sort of lenience in the maintenance if the same can lead to error in one of these fronts. This will further result in poor application performance and sometimes result in the loss of data. These have the potential to crop up further issues and thereby eradicating the same at the initial level becomes mandatory.

Things you ought to do

In case of the Data and Log File Management, you need to make it a point that the data and log files are not combined but kept separately from all the other things. You need to be very specific about the auto-growth configuration to be done correctly. Next be careful that the instant file initialization is configured and then about the auto-shrink which should not be enabled as shrink is not an eminent part of the maintenance plan. You also need to go in for the fragmentation within the data files. There are two ways to do the same, you can go in for fragmentation within the individual data and the index pages or for the fragmentation within index or the table structures that consist of the pages. For the ones that were not rebuilt you need to update the statistics, also do the same for all of the non-indexed columns. Next you ought to remove excessive transaction log file fragmentation and set auto-growth correctly.

All in all, these are the tips for effective database maintenance. Make it a point that you turn off the scheduled shrink operations and then turn on the instant file initialization. You need to employ the regular process in place so as to detect as well as remove the index fragmentation. If all the above mentioned things are done accurately then there will not be any point or a place where you will have to face any issue.

Author is a person of vision who believes in precision when it comes to Index Maintenance as it is very crucial for the development of any nation. Also, the author believes that the Index Company needs to be very specific about the same as a lot of things depend on the index value for their growth.