Tips and Strategies for Class 10 Board Exam


Class 10 board exams are considered as the turning point, as it is the stepping stone for a student’s bright career. Scoring the maximum marks is the greatest desire of every student. Class 10 board exams judge the knowledge and skills of every student. Based on this exam result decides the career of a student and getting selected into one of the prestigious colleges for their further or higher studies.

Students are all aware of their timetables as the CBSE – Central Board of Secondary Education has already released the date sheets. During the exam preparation time, most of the students might be nervous with the less number of days left for revisions, unable to review the entire syllabus and with the lack of confidence in their preparations.

In this article, those students preparing for board exams can find the best study plan through which students can make their best out of the remaining time.

Tips and Strategies for Class 10 Board Exam

As the time is running and very less time left out, stay away from all your phones calls, Facebook updates, WhatsApp messages and other social activities. Concentrate more towards your preparations and avoid all distractions.

Practice by revising more sample papers, CBSE question papers, and other model papers. Take a regular mock test whenever you feel you are ready. By doing this, students can track their progress, increase their concentration toward the studies and will have positive hopes towards their preparations and upcoming exams.

Never stress yourself. Make sure to have regular breaks in between the study hours to make yourself comfortable and stress-free. Have an adequate sleep, healthy diet, regular walk for 15-20 minutes to make your mind fresh. Avoid having heavy meals and other junk foods as it may affect your health and make you feel lazy and uncomfortable or uneasiness during your preparations.

Focus on the study plan which you have prepared. Have enough time for every subject.  As there will be five subjects, English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science. Try to study all of these subjects in a rotation. Firstly, concentrate more on important and high weightage chapters. Refer all the class notes, NCERT textbooks, and other reference study materials. The best way to revise and complete the syllabus in a short period of time is by referring more NCERT solutions. As the NCERT Solutions Class 10 includes detailed explanations along with examples and diagram for all questions provided in class 10 textbooks.

Lastly, never forget to have a final review of the running notes, important points discussed in class, definitions, formulae, equations, important terminologies and finally all the important points to remember given at the end of every chapter.

All the best. Hope this preparation tips will be useful.

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