Three Fund Raising Ideas That Actually Bring In Money

If you work with a non-profit, a private school or a community program that doesn’t receive federal financial support, fundraising is probably a normal part of your schedule. There are virtually endless approaches to fundraising, but many require a lot of work without a lot of profit. If you’re looking for ideas on how to raise the most money for your cause, here are three ideas that may help you bring in more dollars with less time and effort.

Set Up a Silent Auction

A silent auction can bring in a huge profit margin with very little work. Ask supporters and local businesses to donate items, from gift baskets to coupons for services to unique products. Create a designated space to display the donations or set something up online to allow the community to bid on their favorite items. You’ll create advertising for local businesses and could make a 100% profit from the endeavor.

Host a Dessert Party

Catering or preparing a meal for potential donors can be a huge hassle and investment, but a dessert night is much more manageable. Ask families to make their favorite recipes and request donations from local eateries or bakeries in exchange for advertising. You’ll also have a less stressful timeline since things won’t need to be cooked on site or kept hot. Pass out donation cards at the event and raise funds for very little cost.

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Create a Pamphlet or Video

Many people are willing to simply donate to a cause rather than buy a product they don’t want or need. Find a local pro or experienced friend to create a pamphlet or video that highlights the good your organization is doing in just a few words or minutes. Rather than handing out order forms for expensive wrapping paper or snacks, share your pamphlets and videos with the community and ask for support. You’ll find that many people are eager to support your organization directly, especially if you provide receipts for tax deductions.

Make sure you aren’t spending money to make money. These simple ideas could be a huge success for your organization.