airline miles

Nothing good in life comes free of charge. So naturally traveling requires a hefty sum of money. You require a minimum amount to manage a trip. First comes the air ticket which is most definitely the biggest expense. Next in line is the accommodation or hotel rent which is the second major expense. Next in line is the transport expense within the travel destination, followed by food expenses and money spent on tourist activities. Now you can imagine what happens when you combine all the expenses and try to form a budget. Imagine saving for a certain trip for so long and then realizing your funds are still not enough. In another case, you can opt to go for a tour providing company which manages all these things for you at a fixed cost, which is also not affordable sometimes. Do you postpone the trip? No.

First, try the methods mentioned below:

Invest in airline miles

Airline miles are one of the most useful and foolproof ways of bagging significant discounts on airfare, hotels, and rental cars. Think outside the box and be creative if you want to manage a trip with the money you have. Utilize the funds in such a way that you have some money aside to buy miles if you don’t have the time to earn them.

Sell Airline Miles

Sometimes redemption is less beneficial than if you sell airline miles. Cash from direct sale at good price increases the funds that you so desperately seek. Selling airline miles is not illegal contrary to some rumors. They can be sold at specific sites on the web.

Stay in a hostel

Instead of a hotel, stay in a hostel to save a significant amount of money. They are a much cheaper option and no wonder is becoming hugely popular all over the world. Of course, they are not as fancy as hotels and do not provide the same facilities but to fit everything into the budget, little sacrifices like this are necessary.

Eat cheap

Sure you can eat at a fancy eatery once or twice but for everyday meals, opt for cheap options. Street food in many countries like Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam is hugely popular, so it is not really a loss if you opt for it. In fact, many travelers believe that in order to experience the local cuisine, street food is a must-try.

Walk or use public transport

Walking or cycling from your hotel to the nearer destinations is a great idea as it not only saves you money but also helps you to experience a new city’s surroundings. It is actually very fun if you are fit and healthy. Another option is using public transport like Tuk Tuks, buses, trams or metros. In some countries, Uber is an economical transport choice too. Make sure you find out about it. The concept of hitchhiking is also becoming increasingly common. Granted it is a little risky and adventurous but hey it costs nothing. More and more budget travelers are opting for hitchhiking, especially those in Europe.