Things To Consider When Buying Adjustable Dumbbells

Buying Adjustable Dumbbells

Do you know what makes adjustable dumbbells cool? It’s the fact that you can work out from the comfort of your home. They don’t take much of your space, as you can easily slide them under your closet or bed. And they aren’t even as expensive as a full set of individual weights. But with all the options available in the market, getting the perfect adjustable dumbbells can be tricky, especially if you’re a novice. But you don’t have to worry even a bit, as we’ve jotted down factors you must look for while buying adjustable dumbbells. So stay tuned.

Things To Consider When Buying Adjustable Dumbbells:

1. Types Of Adjustable Dumbbells:

There are different types of dumbbells, each catering to different needs and wants. Mini dumbbells are perfect for casual weight lifting or resistance training, while round adjustable dumbbells work well for almost every type of workout. Block shaped dumbbells are useful for losing weight. But it must be used only by experienced lifters.

2. Ensure That The Dumbbell Is Made Of High-Quality Materials:

One thing you must always keep in mind is that cheap metal or plastic dumbbell will perish over time. This may not sound very grave, but it actually is, especially when you’re lifting the dumbbells overhead. Good material dumbbells will ensure your safety when you’re working out. Also, good quality will ensure that the dumbbells will last several years. So look for a comfortable grip, durability, thickness of the handles, and coating before purchasing.

3. Ease Of Use:

The best thing about adjustable dumbbells is that it lets you adjust the weight by adding or removing the weight at the end of each bar, which is secured with a collar. Some dumbbells even have a dial, which you can use to select the weight. These dumbbells are expensive, obviously. So each of the mechanisms has its up and downs, so just pick the one which you feel would be most suitable for you and your pocket.

4. The Plates Are Easy To Switch:

Nobody grabs a weight and jumps straight away to exercise. You need to keep shifting weights to decipher the best for yourself. So purchase dumbbells which allow you to switch plates quickly without much hassle. We don’t want your heart rate to slow down, or muscles get cold while you are changing the mass.

Buying Adjustable Dumbbells


5. Maximum Weight:

While purchasing adjustable dumbbells, you need to consider the type of workouts you do. You do not need 200-pound dumbbells if you’ve just added weight to your workout routine. But if you’re up for heavy weight lifting, go for them without a second thought.

Also, ensure that the dumbbell covers both the heaviest and lightest weight. It would be disappointing if you outgrow the weights soon after buying them. And contemplate what you will be using the weights for- strength gaining, light toning, or heavy lifting. It will help you understand the lb spectrum you should be on.

6. Securing Mechanism:

A proper securing mechanism is absolutely essential. If the plates are loose on either side, it could cause a clanking, which is plain annoying. The securing agents must hold the plates properly in a place. And do check for the bumper and fastener between the plates.

7. Read The Reviews On The Internet:

Before purchasing, read the reviews of your shortlisted adjustable dumbbells online. Most of the user reviews are genuine, especially those on eCommerce sites.

We hope our article helps you choose the right dumbbells. If you have any queries related to the article or if you have any tips to share, leave us a comment below.