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Things to Consider Before Establishing Internet Exchange Points

Things to Consider Before Establishing Internet Exchange Points

Internet exchange is the most important part of the interconnection network. Internet exchange provides some advantages to the service providers and the users of the internet. Internet exchange has different stages of hierarchy which are called local, national, regional and global. Internet exchange, for all stages, needs some consideration before being established in such areas. These are some points to consider starting to utilize internet exchange point (IXP) in order to reach the wider use of IXP.

Reminding the Primary Role

It is necessary to know the primary role of an internet exchange point or IXP. Since establishing an IXP is not that simple, it is essential to remind that the primary role of an IXP is to manage the internet traffic in an area. In other words, IXP is to keep the local traffic locally so that the cost associated among internet providers can be reduced. Moreover, IXP is also to deal with any obstacles regarding internet connection and internet traffic.

Applying the Key Requirements

Key requirements are the parameter of the success of an IXP. Moreover, the main purpose of this key requirement is to gain wider use of the internet effectively. Here are the key requirements:

Internet exchange is incredibly important. It is especially for the establishment of the interconnection network locally or even in wider areas of hierarchy stages. It potentially has a lot of advantages that are more effective and efficient for the service providers and users of the internet. Hence, it is important to consider such features before establishing an internet exchange.


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