Things to Check, Before You Get Back-link Form A Domain

You know the best way to get to the top of the searches- have deep eyes on your competitor’s backlinks. By doing this, you would get new strategies for building new links. But, you should care, if all the backlinks of your competitors are good?

I think there will be some bad links, they would have made in the starting days of the blogging. You know, everyone does mistakes, in blogging when you create backlinks, you should note it down to monitor it all the time. That is the only secret you should follow to make a good link profile.

We were discussing the competitor’s backlinks- and finding new ways to create backlinks to get higher on the searchers and to lowers the ranking of the competitors.

If someone is on the top of the searches- it does not mean, that had all good backlinks.

There can be more than one reason, to be a person on the top. Only backlinks are not the sole reasons to be on the top of SERP.

So, you should care about more than one thing, while creating backlinks, this is one of the most important and very serious matters. It can make you on the top, and it can through you deep down on the web.

You can’t afford to have bad backlinks, you have to disavow them. After all, the bad links can impact the ranking negatively, and I have found many blogs, do not check the backlinks, and the competitors buy toxic links for their blogs.


You need to check these things before getting backlink from a blog

There may be billions of the website on the web- no matter what niche. You can find thousands of the backlinks from them. But, you should be choosy and picky while making backlinks that can put right impact on your SEO

The website should be indexed by Google:

One of the popular and best methods to check if the blog is indexed by Google or not, you should write the complete name of the website on Google

This is one of my favorite ways to get to know the website is indexed or not.

If the website is not indexed by Google, there can be more than one reason of that.

  • Either the blog has been made on the expired domain, or it is de-indexed by the Google due to a penalty of spam.
  • You know, Google Penguin is there for you to check the spam score, and you can check the spam score either.

You need to follow this to check the domain is indexed or not.


And the result should show all links and posts on that blog, or at least should show the home page, in case if the blog is not de-indexed.

And if a blog is penalized, you would get nothing in Search results, instead, the results will show, “” did not match any document.

You either can check if the existing backlinks are coming from the de-indexed blog. And easily can disavow them in Google search console.

Check the metrics of the blog

If you find a blog, and you think it will be great for your blog to have a backlink on this blog, you should check moz metrics.

  • Should check the trust flow and citation flow, sites with score ten are usually not worthy, but if you are beginner you can go for it if the blog got no spam score.
  • Need to check Domain authority, domain authority above ten is considered good to have backlink
  • The most important- need to check the link profile of that website. If you got bad backlinks or some Chinese backlinks, backlinks generated by using some tools, with a higher spam score, should leave the domain immediately.

The content of the blog:

This is one of the important things to check before getting backlinks from a blog.

Sometimes, some so-called SEO guys use to buy expired domains and invite you to put a guest post along with your blog link.

If the blog does not have any traffic- or the blog does not have enough content, you need not waste your time there. Instead, have some paid backlinks from authority blogs.

If the blog got a good amount of traffic plus, it is not an expired domain. You need to know how often the content of the blog is being updated.

If the blog update the content regularly, and new visitors come to visit that blog, you are going to get a good traffic with A good backlink for sure.

Traffic of the blog:

To check the blog for getting a backlink- you should find either the blog drive some niche targeted traffic or not.

Sometimes, the new bloggers need fresh and quality content by having expired domains. You need to check the traffic, plus the traffic coming from which medium. If the traffic mostly comes from Social media sites, do not waste your time there, and find some other blogs. Surely, if you got good and unique content, you will get guest posts.

Niche related:

After passing all the points which I have mentioned above in the post, you finally need to know either the blog related to your niche or not.

As, some general niche blogs can provide you good link sometimes, but it would be ideal if you could find a blog related to your niche. As having backlinks from niche related blogs can give you traffic, plus Google also loves such links.

And you should be very curious about link profile of a blog- as Google had made it clear- the number one ranking factor to rank a blog.

Do you know the number 2 ranking factor- content of the blog?