Know About the Things That Peoples Are Doing In Mac

interesting things of MAC

So, you’ve at lastly shifted to an Apple’s ecosystem. Welcome to a world where you can get everything with much ease. While there is no doubt that if any comparison being held between the Windows and Mac, then it would be very sharpened and clear that the Windows will overtake. As most of the individuals use Windows because they find it more easier and comfortable than Mac. But, this is all in the minds only, actually, Mac offers more extravagant yet innovative ways than Windows. And there are certain things only Mac users can do and Windows users can only dream.

Mac increases the productiveness of every task and lets you perform or execute every task just within a few steps or even in one go. Fortunately, there are some cool things which only be accomplished on a Mac and other machines can’t do. Undoubtedly, Mac is extra techier yet you should keep in mind to maintain the consistency level of the Mac. It doesn’t make any sense whether you are new to Mac, or an existing user, here, we are going to share some cool tips that only be done on a Mac. So, don’t move your eyes, just have an intense eye on these cool tips!

Reading Lists

As you all know, Safari no longer compatible with the RSS feeds, Whereas, the other numerous browsers like Google Chrome do so, then in that situation, you still use Safari in any terms. If you want so, then, there is a good assistant feature named Reading List. Now, what reading list does is – it links makeshift bookmarks to pages that you wish to view it again, and don’t want to store or save to your actual bookmarks.

However, this useful feature isn’t a secret, but there is no doubt that it is no so known by most of the individuals. Here’s a quick way to add to your reading list in just a single moment- so, on a web page, hit the shift + cmd + d. That’s all that you have to do! And the most significant part is that your reading list is synced to all your Apple devices.

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Choose Your Preferable Office Software

Till now, if you’ve only accessed Windows PC, then you have used to Microsoft Office only. However, you can also use MS office on Mac, as Microsoft Office is available on Mac too. But Mac also equipped with Apple’s productivity suite named iWork. iWork is the most amazing office software that is enough capable of offering MS Office formats. Apart from this, if you want to try something else, then you can use LibreOffice, it is a completely free office suite and good enough in doing everything that you ever want to. Mac lets you choose your preferable office suite to make your every task more productive.

Use Speech Recognition

Want to make your work faster? Probably, yes, because who doesn’t want to work fastly than usual. So, you can do this with Mac’s in-built speech recognition feature! This is one of the sparky things you can do on Mac just to ensure the fastest performance speed. You can easily give orders to your Mac machine to do numerous rigs by using your voice only.

To turn it on, you have to just go to the App, then search for System Preferences and after that choose Accessibility and at lastly, pick Speakable items. Now, here, if you hit on the radio button then you would be able to access a various group of programs into your Mac that epistolize to distinct commands. Just set up a Keybinding that will permit the Mac to read your voice or speech, and here you go! End this menu and you will be all set to access voice commands easily!

Jump between the open apps on Macbooks

If you are looking for the cool things that you can perform on your Macbook Air or Macbook? Then, you would adore this tip, which is particular to Macs with a trackpad. You might be thinking that multi-touch functionality is just restricted to your iPhone, but that is not true at all. It is very crucial to note down which apps you used or going to use just to make sure that they work smoothly and effortlessly.

And moreover, it is a good choice to use only those apps as much as possible that lets you navigate quickly. Your trackpad also comes with the multi-touch functionality which lets you jump between the open apps. #What you need to do is – set your three fingers on the trackpad and swipe up right or left to move between the apps.

So, these are some cool things that only Mac lets you do. Mac improves the productivity of your work even do faster your speed. So, using these tips would surely increase your persona. If you want to do more coolest things on you Mac then tries these tips which are rarely known by anyone. And just in case if you are a newbie then this is a good treat to start the machine.

But, most importantly, make sure to keep your Mac machine clean and clear. Duplicate photos are the utmost reason why your machine is hogged up. Hence, always detect and remove duplicate files from the system just to ensure enough storage space and fastest-ever speed. For this, you can also use any good duplicate photo remover Mac. Try these hacks to get the best from your Mac!