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Buying a Gutter Guard

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Gutter Guard

A clean exterior is nothing if you don’t have cleaner interior. It isn’t always about the physical appearance that is praiseworthy. When you are living in your home what matters more is that the lines and systems are in proper condition. Out of these many systems one of the most important is the one concerning with the gutters. They need to be cleaner than any other thing in your house if you wish to live a hygienic life peacefully. To get this done it is advised you get gutter guards installed. Since this might be your first time gutter guard will be providing you with a few to-dos before you buy a gutter guard.

Buying a Gutter Guard


The material is important since this will decide the durability of the gutter guard. Mostly aluminum is used since it is light weight, easy to install and prone to corrosion. The best are the ones with ribbed surfaces that increase the surface tension so that strong winds and heavy rainfall can be resisted.


The design of the guard will ensure the gutter guard’s efficiency. The Nose-Forward design is one of the many available which prevents clogging by the waste and guarantees smooth water flow into the downpipe.


There are two main gutter types available. One is the sectional gutters which no doubt are economical but there are more chances of them getting weakened and thus leakage is a possibility. On the contrary, the other are the seamless gutters. As the name suggests these offer a better protection. This gutter is made of a continuous sheet of metal which is attached to the down pipe with strength that makes it durable. Since the joint is strong the weakening is taken care of and no leakage is seen.


Now that you have decided which material, design and type you need to be installed you have to find a contractor than can make this all possible. This in itself is a long issue but to sum it up in a few lines the contractor you hire must be authorized with adequate training and experience to handle the matter. You can take estimates from two or more contractors so that you can decide according to the prices they are to offer.


The installation should be done by a pro and you need to find one through survey. The better gutter guards cover the prices of installation and all the other little services within a price quote. But, there is always a chance of installing it yourself. If you think you are competent enough then go ahead.


You must be aware of the procedure in case you are to install the gutter guard yourself. Watch a couple of tutorials before you get going. For the case of letting a contractor do the work ask him to show you the exact plan so you may know what is going to happen?


It has been witnessed that companies provide only the guarantee of the product and not the installation which is a bad choice of contractor. Choose a contractor that gives you guarantee for both so that in case of the guard being okay and a faulty installation you can claim and have it fixed then and there.