Be Magento Developer

Magento has become the first choice of merchants who want advanced features and scalability for their eCommerce platform. The eCommerce content management system holds a fair market share of building a great majority of the top 100 retailers all over the world. Indeed, the platform attained this success because of its capability of serving the precise needs of both SMBs and large businesses.

The rising trend of buying-selling online has influenced many businesses to start their own stores and experienced growth in revenue. The demand for Magento eCommerce development is all-time high these days. This platform has every possible feature an e-retailer needs to sell online. The CMS comes with a variety of features; from marketing, promotion and conversion tools to search engine optimization, to site management, to catalog management & browsing, to product browsing, to checkout, payment and shipping and lot more.

Magento is based on PHP which already powers the world’s 85% of websites in its various forms. So PHP developers wishing to make their career in e-commerce web development may try their hands on Magento e-commerce development. The best of the sources that could help new PHP developers to become a good Magneto developer are as follows:

Official User Guide by Magento itself.

The Official User Guide by Magento is the most authentic resource for any developers to master the art of Magento development, restructuring, and customization of a Magneto e-commerce website. Being the first-hand knowledge for how to develop the platform, the guide proves to be quite helpful for the whole Magento community made of both developers and merchants.

Open source theme and extensions

Magento supported by the largest development community spread over the world. Members in this community create themes and extensions and made them available through Magento’s store. Contributions by members help new developers and merchants add desired functionalities to their stores and become part of the community. Most of the themes and extensions are available for free, as open-source so that web developers can customize the way they need it.

Official Documentations

Being open-source, Magento’s code can be freely accessed by developers. The official documentation of the platform allows developers to reach the code of each component, practice it as well as modify it further. New developers entering the Magento world can learn a lot from the official documentation of Magento.

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is the best place for new developers who need seeking expert opinion. Consider this platform as the goldmine where almost every developer/programmer is able to find help and suggestions for their questions.

Professional Online Courses

Another good source to have deep knowledge about Magento’s e-commerce development is a professional online course. Most of these courses and tutorials are provided for free on websites where anyone interested can visit and learn about them.

These courses are available both online and offline. We can expect offline ones being paid and provided by some schools or colleges.

By and large, there is no short of courses to learn Magento eCommerce development.