Recruitment especially when it is technical recruiting isn’t the easiest to do. It is much like sales, where no matter how good at your work you are, you will still not be able to give results constantly. However, if there were a cheat sheet to make the best out of your tactics to hire the best in less time to hire, then this is it. 

Keep reading this post to know what you can do to be a recruiter of worth and close the vacant positions soon.

  • All of it is mostly about wrangling people-

A typical thought process of a technical recruiter is to get a pool of candidates, tell them the benefits and anyhow get the position closed. You refrain from hunting for the tech positions you have. The easiest way out is to let people reach and then select the one that clears the interview. However, the best thing to do in this scenario is to not be selfish and try petty ways like this to cut down your time. Here is a trick that requires extra effort but cuts down your time drastically. You should search for those who are passively looking for a position or someone who is so good at their work that refusing them won’t be an option for the company. You would just need to do certain follow-ups and the position would be closed.

  • The candidates are not usually the keeper of their words-

Clearly, there may be a candidate that you have selected and sent an offer letter using the offer letter template, but, they may still end up rejecting your offer. So, clearly you cannot believe whatever a candidate says. I am friends with a few recruiters, thus, I know the plight. Once a candidate told my recruiter friend that he doesn’t want to work in an agency and that is why he is looking for a change.

However, even after accepting the offer letter, the candidate kept on giving interviews and went on to join a new agency. So, more or less, it is about the connection. Instead of asking the questions of this sort, the best you could do is ascertain how well the candidate will fit in the company and schedule his interview with someone who matches his vibe and thought process.

  • Stay in touch with the candidates-

It is very important for you to stay in touch with the candidates even after they have rejected the offer. If you know a candidate who is full of worth, make them the offer again using the effective offer letter template when there is a vacancy. Or else, if you have cordial relations, you can always ask them for references.

So, use these aforementioned three tips to redefine the way you have been recruiting and see the drastic change in time to hire. You can infact also try to close the position using referrals. For the same, you should request employees and maybe, offer some benefit in return of the same to get a great response.