New insulation machines improve the thermal insulation. At a time when the energy transition is at the heart of all discussions, new, ever more innovative solutions are being developed to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and machinery. The insulation of buildings in particular is changing. Focus on new thermal insulators with All-inclusive energy.

Silica, a high-performance insulator

The silica cool insulation machines seem to be innovation that revolutionized the building insulation at present.

Airgel is a nano-structured material. It is also the peculiarity of its structure that gives it its insulating performance. Indeed, its quality of mesoporous insulation confines air in its porosity and gives it a thermal conductivity up to two to three times lower than free air.

Silica airgel insulation has many advantages. Compared to other fiberglass insulation blowers, the performance of silica airgel, used in exterior insulation, is impressive. Its coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.027 W / mK compared to 0.034 for rock wool and 0.036 for polystyrene, for example.

In addition, silica is a mineral and makes the insulation a non-toxic product for humans. Another special feature of silica airgel insulation is that it is translucent.

The processes used to apply silica airgel are the same as the external insulators used until now: by projecting the product on the wall using a thermal machine.

Vacuum insulators

Caviar insulation in terms of thermal performance, these are vacuum insulators, called VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel). This is the principle of double-glazed windows applied to thermal insulation throughout the house.

The coefficient of thermal conductivity reaches an exceptional performance with 0.005 W / mK, which is 4 times better than the other insulators, which are nevertheless very good.

The VIP system has existed since the 1960s; so why is it not used more in insulation work? Vacuum panels are made of aluminum in a complex process. There are only a limited number of standardized formats, which often requires the use of other forms of insulation to finish covering the structure.

Opaque insulation

Aerogels are already used in building insulation. They consist of organic polyurethane for example. These aerogels are used for interior insulation and come in the form of easy-to-cut and easy-to-install plates. Their main advantage: at equal performance, these plates are half as thick as other insulators. For external insulation, cool insulation blowing machines are available.

Did you know?

Financial assistance is available to help you carry out your insulation work on your home. VAT at a reduced rate, tax credit for the energy transition … do not hesitate to ask a certified artisan.

Attic insulation price lost

The cost of insulating the attics lost is an investment. Indeed, if you will necessarily invest from your pocket to improve the insulation of the attic, it will save you every year a significant sum. It is therefore necessary to calculate well in the long term at the time of forecasting the price of insulation of attics lost.

About us:- It is difficult to accurately estimate the roof insulation price. Indeed, the latter will depend on a large number of factors: including the size of your attic, the architecture of your home but also the chosen company.

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