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The Top 8 Myths and Facts about Business Intelligence Software

With everyone jumping on a BI bandwagon, business intelligence software is regarded more than ever. Once perceived as software which is meant specifically for large scale organization, it makes sense to defy those myths that have been surfacing for a while. So, don’t let traditional thinking to hold your organization from investing in a modern, affordable and enterprise-ready Bi software for your business.  In this article, we will talk about some of the most common myths around this amazing business intelligence software.

Myths No. 1:   Business Intelligence software is meant solely for large enterprises

Fact:  BI software is designed specifically to meet the various demands of small and medium-sized enterprises. Once conceived as a software solution meant exclusively for large enterprises, it is an affordable and most commonly used software for both large and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Myth No. 2: BI software is complex!

Fact: With self-service capability and adequate training, one can easily navigate through the BI software and get answers in real time.

Myth No. 3: BI software is meant for a select few industries only

Fact: A common misconception is that the business intelligence tool is only good for a select few industries like Pharma, retail or manufacturing. However, these smart and modern BI tools cater to the needs of almost every major vertical.   

Myth No. 4: You must be tech savvy to reap the maximum benefits

Fact: Even non-technical users can use the software from day one. Given the proper training and support, users can easily scan the information and gain real-time insights on the fly.

Myth No. 5: Implementation time is generally high

Fact: With bi Tableau software, you can expect implementation time little lesser. The implementation time rests on various factors .In most cases, if the implementation time is done by a certified team of experts then there is a little scope of implementation  faltering.

Myth No. 6 Everyone is going to be a data scientist

Fact: While we believe that BI is as easy and accessible, it’s not feasible to assume that anyone can become a data scientist .   

Myth No. 7:  BI can solve all your business hurdles

Fact:  BI is often illustrated by diagrams showing many data sources feeding into an enterprise data warehouse and shiny tools that access data from that warehouse.  Business users still need to measure and interpret the data; then only they can take actions based on the insights.

Myth No. 8: Data is good irrespective of when it’s used

What happened yesterday might not be valuable for you today.  The insights that you would want to have a certain period of time may not hold importance today. For instance, if you are a sales person and need to know about a specific customer and his product needs to target him and refer the promotions or sales that are going on. The information you would want is immediate but if that information is being given after days or weeks will not be relevant for you. This would mean data is good only when it’s timely fetch and used.

All these were the top BI myths that have been surfacing for a while. Have you noticed any of these myths taking the center stage in decision making? Business Intelligence software is a must tool for the leading organizations to be informed about what’s happening inside the sales, procurement, production, sales and finance team. Are you investing in one of the BI software, then it makes sense to partner with Tableau partner.