It is the duty of a business owner or organization head to ensure that the employees are all safe in spite of being exposed to the different kinds of threats that they may face at their workplace. One of the areas where lone worker safety becomes an issue of concern is the transport industry where the drivers, workers and other people associated with the delivery of items are exposed to life-threatening risks daily. These people might get injured or even die due to the accidents that are exposed to. Another such field where the safety of workers is a matter of great concern in the forest industry.

Not only the workers working in the danger-prone areas but also other workers who work in the other fields may face accidents that may put their lives at stake. A few common types of problems that a lone worker may face are:

  • Strain and Sprain: These are common issues with all the workers, irrespective of the kind of work they do. Different body parts of these workers may get strained or sprained.
  • Trip and Fall: There may be cases where the worker accidentally trips and falls due to some reason which causes his body parts to be severely harmed.
  • Collision with a Heavy Object: It often happens that a worker receives a blow from a heavy object that accidentally comes in their way.
  • Vehicle and Mechanical Accidents: Accidents involving vehicles are also common. Again, factory workers may face injuries while operating on a machine. All these falls under the category of mechanical accidents.
  • Falling from a Height: Chances of falling from higher floors or the roof of a building cannot be ignored either.

It is found that the pregnant women, aged workers and novice workers who are not yet acquainted with the equipment at the workplace are prone to more risks. Also, if you are dealing with a business where your workers have to transfer valuables and cash from one place to the other, the safety of these workers becomes an issue of concern.

So you can imagine how difficult it might become for an organization to prevent such accidents since they can take place anytime and anywhere irrespective of the field of work of the workers. It can happen even if there is no dearth of care and maintenance of the office on your part or inefficiency in forming the lone worker policy.

What you can do on your part is to be well informed of their whereabouts and check from time to time that they are safe.  And this is not very difficult in this age of technology. You should also try your best to reduce the risks involved by giving them adequate training, providing them with arms (licensed of course) depending on the nature of their work and use quality materials for the building of structures so that the probabilities of accidents can be reduced in the lone worker system.

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