When you buy health insurance online, you have to give thought to many factors. You have to study the scheme properly. You have to read between the lines. You would never know where you would miss a point either. You have to take care of the exclusions in the scheme. You have to be familiar with the insurance jargon as well that could include words such as pre-existing ailments, cashless facilities, and so on. Of course, you have the internet to help you. However, you would need someone with a personal touch to guide you through this important process. The insurance broker is one such person who has the capability of guiding you in a perfect manner.

The importance of the broker:

People usually look at the word ‘broker’ in a derogatory sense. In fact, there is nothing derogatory in the profession at all. He can act as the perfect facilitator for you. He would be able to help you with his expertise. Imagine Sir Edmund Hillary climbing Mount Everest alone. Would he have managed the feat without the active help of Sherpa Tensing Norgay? You doubt it. So too would anybody. This is not to suggest that Tensing was a broker. He was the facilitator, the person who helped Sir Hillary achieve the seeming impossible conquest of conquering Mount Everest.

The role of the broker:

A broker is a person who does this job of selling insurance policies on a daily basis. He knows the schemes like the back of his hand. You can take his help and arrive at an informed decision. There are hundreds of insurance schemes available in the market. Choosing the best one would confuse the best in the business. Each scheme would be different from the other in some aspect. The scheme that could suit you may not suit your wife. The broker would be the best person to look forward to for advice.

The broker is a sort of a bridge between the insurance company and the consumer. His job is to sell the insurance products of the company for which he receives a commission from the company. A customer, you need not pay any commission to the broker at all.

The insurance brokers in India have to pass an examination conducted by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority. They have to follow certain principles. One such principles are to match the perfect policy according to the customer’s requirements. He has to have tremendous knowledge of the insurance schemes on offer. He has to update his knowledge on a continuous basis. The insurance companies conduct training sessions on a regular basis for these brokers.

Nowadays, you have a system of online brokers as well. As more people start to buy mediclaim online health insurance today, there is a need for these special kinds of brokers. They are usually registered companies having tie-ups with all the insurance companies. Their job is to make all the details available on the computer screen at a single place enabling the consumer to make a perfect choice.