Sports Betting

In recent years, betting on sports such as soccer, cricket and tennis have really evolved. The evolution has changed the game so much that several long-time strategies aimed at winning are no longer successful. Gamblers believe in age-old wisdom and are quick to write off ideas that break away from the conventional strategic mould. In this article, we will take a quick look at the “fade the public” betting system. This strategy pertains to betting against popular teams.

Let us look at an example of this system to understand how the strategy works. A sports bettor needs to discover in specific sporting events as per popular poll which teams will cover the spread and which are the teams with no chance. So he visits a sports bar and listens in closely while also participating in the discussion on various sporting events. To get a good understanding he visits other sports bars also and repeats this activity.

When he is certain of a strong fan bias for a specific team to cover the spread, he “fades the public” and makes a wager on the opposite side. This highly profitable strategy earned many sports bettor wealth when exercised with disciplined bankroll growth strategies. Yes, it is certainly a better option than simply blind picking teams but today for those who are still using this sports betting strategy it is no longer turning to be a profitable system.

Why did this sports betting strategy work earlier?

The fading the public strategy once worked because then there was a lot of impact of fan biases on the betting point spread and also the odds were largely dependent on the fan biases. Each week there would be dozens of games. The bookmakers would set the line by predicting which side of the game according to them would take the most bets on.

What changed the market?

The market underwent a change with the boom in the professional friendly betting sites. During the year 2004 or 2005, some online betting sites saw the opportunity of a rise in internet gambling with new players registering to open accounts. These cognizant online betting sites changed their focus altogether when the other sites were busy tempting new player registrations with cash bonuses and +EV bets.

The sites who changed their focus and took a risk realized that professional bettors were more profitable clients in the long run because of the time they spent banning and limit collaring. The bookmakers had nothing to lose as they still set the line and not to forget their theoretical hold over the long haul profits or the juice or vig.

Winning in the current online sports betting market

Winning in the betting market now is possible with derivative betting, which is the most profitable non handspring intensive approach. A derivative simply put is a betting market which has been derived from a larger betting market. For instance, let us look at prop bets in NFL football- which team will score first? This is derivative of the game’s first-half total and also the point spread of the betting line. Another example is the puck line which is a derivative of the money line in hockey. These are profitable in the current betting market.

The second sports betting strategy which is highly effective is teasers. It is a simple strategy, easy to learn and great for beginners finding +EV bets. Sports betting with bitcoin is even more interesting as you can keep your identity undisclosed.

It is vital to be up to date in online sports betting to make the best of profits.

Best of luck to you!