The Latest Trends In Cosmetic Surgery

Today, many people are concerned about their appearance. They want to look perfect as that makes them feel more confident and in control. With the billowing of social media and the growing trend of posting photos on Facebook, Instagram, etc. the need to look great has increased even more.

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics, the overall number of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures has grown by almost 200 percent over the past two decades, since 2000. This growth isn’t showing any signs of receding anytime soon. Advances in research and technology are right on track with the current consumer demand. Here we look at some of the latest trends in cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

1. Injectables Are Even More Accessible Than Before

We live in an age where people prefer medical aesthetic procedures that are minimally invasive. The downtime and costs of these procedures are lower, and the barrier to entry and stigma associated with the procedures is also lower. Skin resurfacing, lasers, and injectables have become lunchtime procedures, and the downtime is limited.

What makes these procedures desirable is that the effects are also visible immediately, and all of these qualities become contributing factors to their confidentiality and inclusivity. Today a significant percentage of treatments that facial plastic surgeons perform are non-surgical, cosmetic procedures like fillers and Botox.

2. Cosmetic Treatments Will Be Much More Inclusive

Most people today lead busy lives. While they do have a desire to look good and are willing and able to spend money on cosmetic procedures, they want to be able to get back to their routine, post-procedure. There is also a significant decline in the social stigma related to elective cosmetic procedures, which attracts both women and men to these. Procedures like microneedling, liposuction, facelifts, etc. are done in conjunction with treatments that help to tighten heft and a sagging jawline.

3. Tweaking the anatomy’s appearance

Many are also calling this “tweak-ment”. Today people are veering away from exaggerated cosmetic procedures, overfilled lips, and disproportionate breast enhancements. The latest trends in this space focus on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries that subtly enhance the appearance. Most people want to maintain their inherent facial traits and overall structure.

In short, they only want a few refined tweaks, while looking like themselves overall. People want to look much more like themselves with a few tweaks, as this helps them feel much more confident about themselves. So, women are opting for smaller breast implants during augmentation procedures, and fat grafting is another noticeable trend that will be more focused on fine-tuning rather than plumping and other exaggerated changes.

4. Body Contouring Is In

People are also increasingly opting for body fat and muscle-shaping procedures that are mostly non-invasive. In many of these treatments, simple tools with magnetic fields are used to activate the body’s muscle contractions, breaking down fat and building muscle.

5. The Popularity of Preventative Treatments Will Continue to Rise

In addition to all of the other trends we just mentioned, another emerging one is that today, people are opting for specific cosmetic treatments more as a preventive measure. It means they are more proactive rather than reactive with their approach to their appearance. Many patients that opt for injectable and facial cosmetic surgery are below the age of 30 years.

Patients are getting various regular treatments and are starting at a much younger age. These treatments help prevent the need for invasive procedures in the long term. It’s more like the upkeep or maintenance for skin rather than ignoring the concerns until some drastic measures are required.