Home support for the elderly has come a long way since it was established in India. With the rising technology as well as population, the intensity and level of care have fairly amassed themselves over the years. Such organisations have a significant role to play in the development of our society. Plus, given the increasing number of older people in our country, i.e., aged 60 or above, we are in dire need of more such organisations who can provide affable senior care services for the aged lot; there’s no question of being two-minded about that. Let’s have a brief overview on how it has improved:

More For Good

The number of old age homes has exponentially increased as subsequently, the number of the elder population also increased. There are hundreds of old age homes all over India to accommodate the aged people who are displaced and neglected from their homes. The life expectancy over the years has also gradually shot up which reflect the improvements in medical facilities. But the older a person grows, the more he/she requires medical assistance and dependency to survive.

Deeper Psychological Understanding

This is an extremely crucial improvement that has been implemented by various social institutions and old age homes. Mental health is being widely discussed worldwide for quite some time now and in a country like ours, it has recently gained momentum which is a great sign of progress. The old people with years of experience (and living in a totally alien environment which they might have never anticipated in their younger days) may have been deeply affected mentally. To understand their psychological needs, various counselling sessions are held and keeping in mind of their physical and emotional needs, they are accommodated accordingly.

Increased Intensive Care

There is a dedicated team of caregivers at every old age home who tenaciously look after the health 24*7 for the aged inhabitants. Not just helping them in their daily errands but conversing with them, making them feel positive and cheerful, engaging them in various activities and many other things to make the life under a different shelter, worth living. The level of help for the elderly has surely risen and more such commitment based works should be generated to help the graying individuals to feel life and remove notions of apathy and morbidity.

The degree of senior citizen health care in India is certainly advancing at a tremendous rate and with the intervention of social media, people are getting more and more aware and educated. Although there are a lot of things that need to be done in terms of infrastructural development, psychosocial evaluation, deployment of caregivers and many other segments but the journey has definitely been treading on a positive route for now. Various organisations who started from nothing are now global ambassadors of old age health care with the onus of spreading the good work worldwide.