The camera has become one of the integral parts of our life, isn’t it? Whether it comes to capture any special moment with your family or hanging out with a friend or any other occasion. We always love to capture the moment and relish it as a nostalgic memory.

Obviously, if you want your moment to be memorable, the device must be exquisite as well to give you a perfect snapshot. who else than a DSLR camera can perform the photography in the most exquisite way. That is why it is the cynosure of all eyes. Whether it is an amateur or a professional or an ordinary person, everybody has an earnest desire to own a DSLR camera.

Buying a new DSLR camera could be an exciting adventure, especially if it is your first experience.  You can buy a DSLR camera (Digital single-lens reflex camera), which is an interchangeable lens camera. It is preferable and recommendable for anyone whether they are professionals, enthusiastic amateur, or someone else who want to shoot crystal clear like image. Most of the DSLR camera produces great picture quality and exceptional videos.

One of the things which you need to focus on is the functions of a Digital SLR camera in the UK. Many times it happens that you get the best and optimized feature-packed DSLR camera but later on due to the unawareness of know-how of its complex features you could not hang out with it completely. So here is the list of functions you may need to operate it effectively:

Power switch: This is simply the button that let your camera goes on and off

Shutter release:

This is the button that opens the shutter and captures a photo. It is a small panel that flips open and allows the light to filter through the lens and then reflected by mirrors and captured as a picture on the image sensor.


It option facilitates to capture of the image in the dim light of un-conducive light. Most of the Digital SLR cameras in the UK have automatic flashes. It means whenever there is inappropriate light, the camera senses itself and the flash will pop out. In natural daylight, the flash remains passive, however, in the dark atmosphere or night atmosphere, the flash becomes extremely crucial to take a clear image.

Jog dial:

It is used to change the aperture and shutter speed settings. Moreover, it is used for another adjustment as well depending on the camera.

Shooting mode dial:

As it is reflected by the name it is the option to turn the type of shooting mode you would like to do. It is also known as Main Mode Dial. You have to keep in view that most of the DSLR camera has an auto mode that literally means that it adjusts the focus, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and another setting for point and shoot simplicity.  On the other hand, there is a manual setting as well, where you can do the setting as per your requisitions.

Image stabilizer:

This option helps you to stabilize the image and prevent undue blur which is caused by camera movement. Some Digital SLR cameras have an image stabilizer built into the camera that means every lens you attached will be stabilized. On the other hand, Nikon and Canon provide this option built into the lens.

These are only a few pieces of information that you can utilize to make your DSLR shooting experience much better. You can further get knowledge of other specification and their functions to enhance and make your awareness at the optimum level.

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