ict resourcesWith the coronavirus pandemic still actively going on around the world, the education industry is still at a tentative place whether or not to go completely digital. Whether it’s teaching or learning – every person must know some online tools to go ahead in academics.

This is where you can take the help of online ICT resources. Be it a teacher or student, everyone can utilize these tools to get real-time based teaching and learning. That is the reason we’ve created this blog to let you aware of some of the online tools you can use for you to get adapted to the e-learning classroom.

ICT tools for teaching and learning

When we talk about ICT tools, they contain hardware, software, and network communication devices. They all collectively make a digital classroom.

  • Desktops and laptops

The first thing you need to make a successful online platform is the monitor. With the help of a desktop or laptop, you can sit at your comfortable place and learn the things that are being taught someplace else.  A laptop is mostly a preferable choice as you can carry it everywhere you want. You don’t have to stick to one place.

  • Projectors and webcams

These are the must tools to have in an e-learning classroom. The traditional whiteboard may not be suitable in online platforms as it limits the vision and clarity that’s needed to look through a screen. That’s why it’s better to have projectors and webcams for a big picture so that all the students can learn whatever teachers are teaching.

  • Pen drives

Sure, a laptop or desktop comes with a storage space that you can use for storing all the notes you have prepared. But it’s always better to have a backup system where the data is better protected. Pen drives are a feasible choice as you can store, carry, and connect to other systems.

  • Interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard comes with touch connectivity to better access the information. It is like a touch screen computer but with a big display screen. Using this board, students can engage more, creates excitement, and the smartest way to implement digital-based learning. Though you may not directly touch it in online learning, you can see the way your teacher teaches in a more fun and engaging way.

  • Microphones

To listen clearly to what your teacher is saying, you must have the microphones with you connected to your laptop or desktop. This way you can listen and take notes without missing anything. Also, it’s best to invest in headphones with a microphone so that you can speak whenever you want to. Whether you want to ask a doubt or clarify something – they will come in handy. 

Well, these are some of the online ICT training resources that you should invest for a better e-learning experience. There are some other tools that you can search for. This blog is just to give you an idea of the tools that you’d most need.