Alternative Septic Systems

Installing a new septic system on your property? Before you go with a conventional system, stop to consider the alternatives available to you. There are a few options that offer more convenience and efficiency. Read through this list of alternative septic systems, then head to your local Salinas, California septic systems professionals to find out more.

The conventional septic system:

In a conventional septic system, sewer lines carry waste from the home to a septic tank, where it will be broken down. Solid waste settles at the bottom of the tank. As it decomposes, liquid wastewater rises to the top of the tank, then is eventually redistributed from the tank and into a leach field. The soil in your leach field will safely filter wastewater and keep surrounding ground and water systems safe.

There’s nothing wrong with a conventional septic system: they are easy to install and affordable to maintain. But they might not be right for everyone — they do take up quite a bit of space. On top of that, the ground on your property might not pass the soil percolation test, making it unsafe for a leach field. With that in mind, here are a few viable alternatives:

Aerobic septic system

The anaerobic system works just like a conventional septic system, with one key difference: air is electronically pumped into the septic tank to speed up the breakdown of solid waste. Not only does this speed up the process and prevent overflows or leaks in your septic tank, but it also produces cleaner, safer wastewater. That means that the water is distributed into the leach field has less harmful bacteria, and is less of a risk to the surrounding environment.

Aerobic systems can be a bit more expensive than conventional septic systems, but they’re worth it for efficiency and environmental safety.

Sand mound septic system

A sand mound septic system is a way of filtering wastewater when the soil on your property isn’t right for a leach field. In this system, a mound of sand and gravel is built on the property. Wastewater flows from the septic tank to the mound, where it slowly filters and is safe and clean by the time it reaches the natural ground. This is another great alternative to preserve the environment and waterways on your property.

The private water treatment plant

Don’t have the room on your property for a septic tank and leach field? You might want to consider a private water treatment plant to safely and cleanly dispose of waste. In this system, wastewater is pumped away from the property to the treatment plan, where it is safely treated. For a first-time homeowner, a private water treatment plant is an extremely low-maintenance option and comes at a great affordable cost. Just ask your local septic installation professionals about installation costs.