Take Care of Your Elderly Parents

It is estimated that by 2050, 20% of the Indian population would be 60 plus. Right now, there are more than 11-crore senior citizens in India, and all of them require proper health care. Far from being a burden to the society, senior citizens are people who have retired after contributing their might to the progress of the country, and the onus is on the government and the individuals to assume responsibilities towards them. Eldercare services in Hyderabad seem to do good justice to this theory.

In a westernized society that is obsessed with youth and their energy, society recognizes the youth as the harbingers of the future and in a market economy, they are seen as the consumer base of the country. However, the angst of the elderly is put aside in the quest for development. It is like the day looks forward to tomorrow’s sunrise than today’s sunset little realizing that a sunrise eventually leads to a sunset.

Pension Plans

Elderly care in India is limited to pension plans and insurance schemes while the larger issue of ensuring a better life for them is brushed aside. For the elderly in India, it is their dependence on the system and their children that seems to be their nemesis. As the nest becomes empty with children flying off with jobs and marriages, the elderly are left to fend for themselves not only for their health care needs but also for their longing for company and old age homes are not answered.

Quality of life

Senior citizens have specific requirements like other people. They need a good quality of life with good health, adequate social life, and the company of their grandchildren. While all of us cannot be lucky enough to get everything in life, the least a senior citizen can get is a healthy life with no insecurity.

Eldercare services in Hyderabad are specially defined to address these issues. CallHealth is among the few organizations that seem to provide the answers to pertinent questions that plague the senior citizens. The elderly need independence, but at the same time need help in their daily functioning. They need help to go to the diagnostic center or the hospital to get their tests done and to consult their doctor, but they need the freedom to manage their finances.


CallHealth is one of a kind organization that has brought about an integration of health care services into a seamless system that provides services to the homes of the patients. Online doctor consultations, diagnostic services at home, nursing services at home, physiotherapy at home and delivery of medicines at home are some of the services that are provided to the elderly so that their health care concerns are properly addressed and they need not depend on someone else for help.

With a robust system, all services are just a call away and can be accessed anytime from anywhere

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